Thermette Copper Kettles Special Price

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Thermette Copper Kettles Special Price

Thermette Copper Kettles Special Price

Copper Thermette Kettle with SS Cooking Ring and Galvanised Fire Ring

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Thermette is proudly made in New Zealand and is for all Outdoor Camping Fishing and Hunting requirements.  While you're boiling your water for a cup of tea, you can also be toasting marshmallows and warming your hands.

There‚Äôs no such thing as a bad cup of tea in the bush with original New Zealand Made Thermette.   The solid Copper Thermette comes with Stainless Steel Cooking Ring and Galvanised Fire Ring.

Boiling water in under five minutes with just a few twigs and a piece of paper and the Thermette is a must for anyone who loves the great outdoors or long lazy picnics.  

The Thermette is a New Zealand icon and we all remember the days of cups of tea made from stream water boiled in the Thermette. Made in New Zealand from copper the Thermette is not only designed to be efficient but built to last a lifetime.

Invented in New Zealand the Thermette uses a unique copper cone-shaped cylinder that holds water.

This cylinder distributes heat from a small fire at its base to the large coned surface area that is surrounded by water.

  Heat from the small fire not only heats the internal water rapidly but also funnels it out the top of the cylinder creating additional heat for cooking.


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