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Wallas Diesel Heaters

Wallas Diesel Heaters

Keeping You Toasty Warm This Winter

New, more powerful WALLAS  heaters for environmentally minded customers. Offering increased heating power and greater air volume for boat owners. More heating

power means you can heat up your boat faster, saving power and fuel with a shorter heating time.

A more powerful brushless blower motor gives higher efficiency to the heater and better moisture management, which is essential for wet conditions. Improving on the features of the Dt model, the new GB model moves more air, improving ventilation and fresh air flow. With its new laminar flow burner and new software, the 22GB is designed to work.

There are 2 sizes available. 

Wallas 2.2Kw Diesel Heater 22GB 12V

Wallas 3.0Kw Diesel Heater 30GB 12V

Diesel Heater Spartan Air 12V

This unit replaces the old model and has an enhanced low voltage control. It also has a greenboost burner that makes it more efficient and clean-burning. The unit has a very low surface temperature and an exhaust pipe that can fit inside your cabin. Because of this, there is less heat loss through the unit, and there will not be any hot spots in your boat due to continuous heating. The new advanced control panel lets you connect directly via Bluetooth/WIFI to your phone. You can also receive program updates through this connection to keep you updated on future options like our revolutionary programmatic controls.


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