Oars and Paddles

NZ made Rowing Oars

Boat  Rowing Oars 44mm Shafts

Boat Rowing Oars 44mm Shafts

NZ Oars 1.8m to 2.55m long. Made with Tasman Fir, finely sanded and grain sealed before varnishing. Robust and strong but light and durable

ASH Rowing Oars 10ft 8ft

ASH Rowing Oars 10ft 8ft

10ft Oars Crafted from Australian Ash. Heavy duty oars have extra long, laminated blades and selected straight-grain robust shafts.
Plastic Oar Sleeves 40mm 44mm

Plastic Oar Sleeves 40mm 44mm

Oar Sleeves Made to fit perfectly on Gull oars. Designed to fit without the use of glue or nails 40mm and 44mm

Galvanised Rowlocks

Galvanised Rowlocks

With a 10mm shank 100mm long and plastic tubing to protect oar made to Fit Gull Oars 40mm and 44mm Dia

Gull Tasman Paddle 1.50m

Gull Tasman Paddle 1.50m

1.50m lightweight paddles with Beech palm grip. These paddles have smaller shafts and thinner blades designed to save weight.

GULL Brand  Boat Dory Cutter Rafting Rowing Oars and Paddles.

Gull has developed a range of very sophisticated machinery, computer controlled and meticulously maintained to ensure high production and uniform quality.

Now with the introduction of a demanding Quality Assurance Program, we believe our products are the best that can be offered.

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