ASH Oars 44mm Shafts

ASH Oars 44mm Shafts

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Ash Oars 3m 10Ft Length with 44mm Shaft

Gull Ash Oars - 3m-10Ft Length with 44mm Shaft.  Beam width across the boat 1.9m.  Sleeves and Rowlocks also avail.

NZ$340.00 / pair(s)
In stock can be shipped within 3 Business days

Plastic Sleeves For Wooden Oars

GULL OAR SLEEVES.In 2 sizes, 44mm and 40mm, to fit perfectly on Gull oars. 1.5m -1.65m Gull oars

NZ$10.00 / pair(s)
Was NZ$15.00
You save NZ$5.00
In stock

Gull ASH Oars


  • Crafted from strong, durable Australian Ash, these heavy duty oars have extra long, laminated blades and selected straight-grain robust shafts.

  • Built to withstand the rigours of strong arm tactics and turbulent water punishment.

  • Size 10ft / 3m

ASH Oars 44mm Shafts

Beam Width / Rowlock to Rowlock Across Boat.


Beam width across boat 1.9m - Recommended Oar Length - 3.00m  10.0ft



  • A boat with higher sides than normal may require longer oars.

  • A boat with lower sides than normal may require shorter oars.

  • To see more available sizes of these products, please click on the photo below.


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1.  Supply a non-RD address or 
2.  If non-RD address not provided it will be freighted to the nearest Courier Depot.