Rod Reel Combo

Rod Reel Combo's

We have a large range of Rod and Reel Combos on our website.  Including Kilwell, Tica, Okuma to name a few.


Fishing Rods & Reels

In determining a fishing rod and reel one must consider the species you are fishing for, along with the type of fishing lure or live bait to be used. For instance - your rod and reel set-up should match the fishing presentation.  Eg.  If you’re pursuing baitfish your outfit should be lightweight for casting and detecting bites, not a heavy baitcaster for pike or bass.

Our range includes all types of fishing applications from Saltwater, Longlining, to Freshwater Fishing.


Our Rod and Reel combo's meet any fisherman's requirements.

 Whether you just a beginner, surfcasting, boat fishing or are into serious game fishing including jigging, trolling and spinning, we have a rod and reel to meet your fishing needs.




Rod Reel Combo's

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Okuma Spin Trio Hybrid 80 Baitfeeder

Product no.: OKRETRIO80BF

Okuma Spin Trio 80 Baitfeeder Reel - Great for stray lining for big snapper.  Agile and rugged performance.  Freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Kilwell Surf Combo XP 1303, Samira 10000

Product no.: XP3963SU-SBAT10000

Kilwell Surf Combo XP 1303, Samira 10000 Product Code: XP3963SU-SBAT10000 An excellent surf casting combo suitable for beginners


Was NZ$399.99
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Kilwell Rod Reel Combo's

Kilwell Rod Reel Combo's

We have a great range of Rod and Reel Combos.  This includes entry level rod and reel sets such as Kilwell Black Shadow, Okuma and Tica Sets.

Okuma Rod & Reel Combos

Okuma Rod & Reel Combos

We have a great range of Okuma Rod and Reel Combos.  Including Stand Up Combos for the game fisherman.

Tica Rod & Reel Combos

Tica Rod & Reel Combos

See our range of Tica Game Rod and Reel Combos.  These are avail with 2 Speed Reels or 1 Speed Reels.  Made for NZ Conditions.