Klik Sinkers

Klik Sinkers

Klik Sinkers

Klick Sinkers

Available in the following sizes and weight

Size 4 - .7oz comes as a pack of 4

Size 6  - 1.5oz comes as a pack of 3

Size 8 - 2 oz comes in a pack of 2

Size 10 - 3oz comes as a pack of 2

The sinkers are a very simple concept. 

  • They are basically a sliding ball sinker that can be snapped onto your line, this eliminates the need to cut your line and re-tie it after threading it through a central hole as is required with conventional sliding type sinkers.
  • They are made from two lead inserts, which are captured within a resilient plastic shell. 
  • The shell has a tough hinge at the rear and a strong latch on the front. 
  • The plastic retains the lead within its shell and the hinge allows the sinker to open up and be placed over the fishing line. 
  • The latch is then used to secure the sinker  over the line and can be easily opened to release it when you want to change the weight of the sinker,
  • replace the hook with a lure or simply just make the rod easier to transport.