Wedge One Hole Boat Fishing Sinkers

Wedge Sinkers

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1oz x 50pcs Wedge Sinkers - Bulk Bag

Available in a range of sizes and quantities:

1oz; 2oz; 3oz; 4oz; 5oz; 6oz; 8oz; 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz 18oz; 20oz; 24oz; 26oz; 28oz; 32oz; 38oz.

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Wedge Sinkers

Wedge Shape Boat Sinkers

Available in sizes

  • 1oz; 
  • 2oz; 
  • 3oz;
  • 4oz; 
  • 5oz; 
  • 6oz; 
  • 8oz; 
  • 10oz; 
  • 12oz; 
  • 14oz; 
  • 16oz 
  • 18oz; 
  • 20oz; 
  • 24oz; 
  • 26oz; 
  • 28oz; 
  • 32oz; 
  • 38oz.
Made in NZ