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Braid Fishing Line

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Multicoloured Dyneema Braid 11kg 16kg 25kg 36kg

Product no.: B8CA3A65

Sea Harvester Multi Coloured Dyneema Braid

Suitable for use whlst Deep Jigging, Super Strong with a high breaking strain 

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Braid Hi Vis 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 50lb 80lb

Product no.: StrikePro-Fishing-Braid

 Braid Fishing Line StrikePro Brand for soft baiting, jigging, and casting. Sizes available 10lb,15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 80lb

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10lb to 80lb Braid is essential for soft baiting, deep drop groper fishing, jigging and trolling. It can be used on any type of reel.

Braided Line was one of the of earliest types of fishing line.


In its modern incarnations, it is still very popular in some situations because of:

  • its high knot strength;
  • lack of stretch;
  • great overall power in relation to its diameter.  
Braided fishing lines tend to have good resistance to abrasion. Their actual breaking strength will commonly well exceed their pound test rating.
Braided lines can be successfully used on any type of fishing reel, but are perhaps most well known as excellent lines for bait casting reels, in particular for trolling where they remain especially popular among many fishermen.
Braid Fishing Line