Swivel Barrel Brass

Swivel Barrel Brass

Brass Barrel  Swivels
Good general purpose swivel 
Sold in packets of 100pcs
Brass Barrel Swivels Good general purpose swivel for inshore fishing good value.
Range of sizes to suit Light to Heavy Fishing
Sizes Smallest  #8 -#6-#5-#4-#3-#2-#1-1/0-2/0-3/0-4/0-5/0
Swivel Barrel Brass

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#8 Brass Barrel Swivels 100pcs

Size #8 Brass Barrel Swivel 16kg BS Good General Purpose low cost Inshore Fishing Swivel 100pcs Bulk pack

From NZ$6.00 / pack(s)
1 piece(s) = NZ$0.06
In stock can be shipped within 3 Business Days days