Lead Ball Sinkers

Ball Sinkers

Ball Sinkers

Ball sinkers 1/4 to 12 oz 


Features a large smooth hole suitable for nylon, shaped for accurate casting against the wind

Available in a range of sizes and quantities:  Small medium or large bags

1/4oz; 3/8oz; to 12oz

Made in NZ

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Ball Sinkers - Small Bags 1/4 x 63

Available in a range of sizes / quantities:

1/4oz; 1/2oz; 3/4oz; 1oz; 2oz; 3oz; 4oz; 5oz; 6oz; 8oz.

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1/4 Ball Sinkers Medium Bags

Medium Bag 1/4oz x 63pcs Ball Sinkers Large Hole for Nylon used for Straylining harbour inshore fishing.

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1/4 Ball Sinkers Bulk Bags

1/4oz x 100pcs Ball Sinkers in Bulk Bag used for Stray lining or any use where a light sinker is needed.

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