Bait Net 1.5 inch mesh

Bait Drag Net 1.5 inch mesh

Designed to drag for pilchards, sprats, herring, baitfish and large piper.

60 meshes deep.

Available only in nylon mesh. 1.5 inches

Available in 10m, 20m30m, 40m, 60m and custom sizes.

Made with 6mm top rope and heavy bottom braided lead core rope.

Designed for use as a drag net, with tougher materials to withstand the extra forces of dragging,

Piper Nets available in Various lengths, designed to be dragged or set in NZ conditions.


Bait Drag Net 1.5 inch mesh

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Product no.: Piper-Bait-Drag-Mono

Piper / Bait Drag Fishing Nets Mesh Sizes; 1inch mesh, 1.25inch or 1.5inch Nylon Mono Mesh.Made for NZ conditions in Auckland.

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