Flounder Drag Nets

Strong Flounder Drag nets

  • Sizes from 20m,25m 30m,35m 40m

  •  Contact us for the manufacture of longer commercial nets.

  • All nets made with a Braided Lead Core Bottom Rope and with Floats on the Top Rope.

  • Drags nets have extra floats and heavier lead core rope on Bottom.

  • Best Nets, Best Price, 30% more Fish


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Product no.: FL-Drag-18Ply

Flounder Beach Drag Net Available in Lengths 20-40m - 18Ply 114mm Heavy Duty, Strong Green Mesh Made for NZ Conditions


Was NZ$150.00
From NZ$150.00 / unit(s)

In stock can ship within 3 days

(Net-Length: 20m, Mesh-Size: 4 inch, Mesh-Depth: 30MD, Mesh-Type: Mono)

20m x 4-00" Professional Grade Fishing Nets for Mullet Ready to use made with lead core bottom rope and floats on top Rope

Was NZ$110.00

In stock can ship within 3 days