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Mullet Nets For Sale Auckland

Custom-made in our Auckland outlet here in NZ and are constructed to meet NZ and Pacific regulations.

They are manufactured in standard lengths varying from 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m and 100m

Also can be tailor-made lengths to your specifications, please contact us for a quote. 09 8292308 or

Nets are made with the following Mullet / Bait Mesh Sizes 0.35mm 0.50mm 0.60mm 0.70mm


Fishing Rules

Everyone who fishes recreationally in New Zealand has a legal requirement to follow the recreational fishing rules.

The rules change regularly, so check the rules for your fishing area every time you head out fishing.

Choose your fishing area to check the rules

New Zealand has 7 fishing areas. You need to follow the specific fishing rules for the area where you're fishing.

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Product no.: MU-LEADCORE

NZ Mullet Fishing Nets, Set Nets or Drag  90mm or 100mm mesh for Private or Commercial Fishermen 20m to 100m. NZ Made Auckland.

Was NZ$110.00
From NZ$95.00
You save NZ$15.00

In stock can ship within 3 days

Product no.: MU-M-Mono

60m Mullet Net with 90mm extra deep Multi Mono Mesh.Custom Made Net by Action Fishing Nets, meets all NZ regulations for Mullet Fishing

Was NZ$360.00
You save NZ$5.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: MulletNetFloat

Floating Mono Mullet Fishing Net NZ Made braided lead core bottom rope and floating top rope and floats

Was NZ$210.00
From NZ$199.00
You save NZ$11.00

In stock can ship within 3 days

Product no.: MM-Floating-Mullet-60m

Extra Deep and Extra Strong Floating 60m Mullet Net made with mesh 36 mesh deep as used by commercial fishermen

Was NZ$399.00
NZ$375.00 / unit(s)
You save NZ$24.00

In stock can ship within 2 Business days

Product no.: MU-40M-85MM

Only Available in 40m length. Mullet Dragnet made with 85mm mesh. Extra heavy lead-core rope on the bottom and extra floats on top

Was NZ$245.00
You save NZ$46.00

In stock can ship within 5 days

Product no.: SMU-2INCH

2-00" Strong Fishing net made with 60lb nylon for Pacific Islands Coral & Reef Fishing Sizes 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 100m

Was NZ$175.00
From NZ$167.00
You save NZ$8.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: MU-Strong-65mm

2.5inch Strong Fishing Nets made with 60lb nylon for Pacific islands Mullet & Reef Fish. 30m 40m 50m 60m and 100m lengths

Was NZ$165.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: 0.70MM-MESH

Strong Mullet net 3 inches 3-1/2 inch and 4-inch Pacific islands extra floats and heavy bottom rope.20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 60m 100m

Was NZ$160.00
From NZ$140.00
You save NZ$20.00

In stock can ship within 3 days