Flounder Mesh Unslung Netting

Flounder Mesh Unslung Netting

Unslung Flounder Fishing Net Mesh to make or Repair Flounder Fishing nets

  • Suitable for all Flounder.
  • Commercial grade many options
  • From mesh size   118mm to 135mm
  • From Twine size 0.28mm to 0.50mm
  • From Mesh depth 9md to 30md
  • From 180m To 1000m 

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Product no.: FL-Mesh-Unslung

Unslung  FlounderFishing Net mesh / Hanks No Floaters or Sinkers 25MD or 30MD x 0.28mm, 0.35mm Mono or 0.12mm* 6  M/mono.


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Product no.: MeshFLmm5inch

Flounder Mesh Multi-Mono 0.12mm x 6 strands x 5 inch mesh  x 30mesh deep x 180m long Clear/White or Grey Colour

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

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Product no.: SI9md

South Island MPI Rules- Flounder Mesh .35mm Dia x 9 mesh deep  x 180m hank  Green Mesh 5.5 inch mesh size

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Product no.: 18ply-Drag-Net-Mesh

18ply Drag Net Mesh Sold Per Unit Metre - Nylon Multi-filament 210D 18ply x 118mm x 30MD are Used to Make Flounder Drag Nets


Was NZ$3.50
NZ$2.00 / m
You save NZ$1.50
Product no.: 18ply200m

18ply Drag Net Mesh 200m Hanks - Heavy Duty, Green Flounder Snapper Mesh 210D/18PLY x 118mm  x 30MD x 200m Sold by the Hank


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Product no.: Unslungmesh

Fishing Net Unslung Mesh -Various Sizes and Lengths - No Floats, Rope or Sinkers Ready to sling / hang your net.

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Product no.: Nylonmesh0.35

Nylon 0.35 Mono Unslung Mesh-1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 5 Inch-Colour Clear-Various Sizes and Lengths

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