Moki Rig Mesh Unslung

Moki Rig Mesh Unslung

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Snapper Mono Mesh 0.6mm x 158mm (61/4") x 15md

Product no.: SN-Mesh-8

Snapper Mono Mesh Unslung 0.6mm x 158mm (6-1/4" inch) x 15md. Length 180m.  Colour Green.

Used for Snapper, Kahawai, Porae, Trevally

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Moki Rig Mesh Unslung

Unslung Fishing Mesh suitable for,

  • Bluenose
  • Elephant Fish
  • School shark
  • Rig
  • Large snapper
  • Large moki
  • Hapuka
Twine size:  0.6mm

Mesh size:  6 1/4inch

Mesh depth:  15MD

Mesh Length:  180m

Mesh colour:   Green

This will make 90m of the Finished fishing net when slung tied to ropes at the optimum ( 50% ) slinging ratio or up to 120m for (66.6%) sling ratio.

We will supply Chart so you can  work out  how to sling net  or resling net


How to measure a mesh (Check our other videos on YouTube)