Mullet Mesh Unslung

Mullet Fishing Net Mesh Unslung


Mullet Fishing Nets mesh Unslung 

Many Choices

Different Depths

Different Colours

Sizes Available

  • 75mm  / 3-00"
  • 90mm  / 3-1/2'
  • 100mm / 4-00" 

Twine Size 0.50mm   0.70mm and .20mm*6

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Pacific Island Heavy Duty Fishing Mesh - Various Sizes and Option Available - GST Included.

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Product no.: MuMesh

100mm, 90mm, 75mm, Mullet Fishing Net mesh unslung. Comes in 40m 80m 120m or 180m long Hanks 

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Product no.: Unslungmesh

Fishing Net Unslung Mesh -Various Sizes and Lengths - No Floats, Rope or Sinkers Ready to sling / hang your net.

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Product no.: Nylonmesh0.35

Nylon 0.35 Mono Unslung Mesh-1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 5 Inch-Colour Clear-Various Sizes and Lengths

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