Bait-Piper Mesh Unslung

Piper Bait Fishing Net Mesh 1- 00" = 25mm

Piper Fish: 

Known also as garfish, and as ihe by Māori, the piper (Hyporhamphus ihi) is endemic to New Zealand. It belongs to the family Hemiramphidae, also known as halfbeaks.

Piper and Small fish school in harbours and bays and are often seen when they skip along the surface or briefly glide. Omnivorous, pipers feed on eelgrass, seaweed and small crustaceans.

They grow to around 40 centimetres. The very sensitive lateral line in their long lower jaws (visible here as a silvery grey line) helps them detect vibrations caused by their prey.

They are good eating, although they contain many small bones.

Piper Bait Fishing Net: 

Sold in Two types of Material. Mono and 6ply x 25mm x 100md are the Smallest Mesh (as of July-2017) that you are legally able to use for Recreational Fishing in NZ Waters. 

Bait-Piper Mesh Unslung

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1 Inch x .35mm Unslung Bait Mesh 100md 180m

Product no.: QE-Bait-mesh-1inch

1-00 Inch x .35mm Unslung Bait Mesh 100md 180m - Product Code QE-Bait-1inch - Increase Your Catch rates use Fresh Bait.

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