NZ Piper Bait Nets

Piper Bait NZ Made

Piper Bait Drag Nets 25mm  & 32mm mesh / hole

1-00" and 1-1/4" Piper Bait Nets Custom Made in Auckland, NZ.

Best Net For Sale for catching Piper, Live baits Why Buy Frozen baits ! Increase Your Catch rates use Fresh Bait.
These are suitable for catching pipers, herrings, yellow-eyed mullets, sprats, and yellow tails.
You can walk out from Beach and Drag or Set from Boat and drag back to beach with long Ropes
These are specifically made and are also available in the following mesh sizes for catching of Live bait fish.
They are available in standard lengths of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m or 60m.

MPI Drag netsRules and restrictions apply to drag nets.

  • Drag nets must not exceed 40m in length.
  • The total warp length should not exceed 200m.
  • No person may set or possesses more than 1 drag net.
  • Drag nets can only be pulled, hauled, or retrieved by hand.





We can also tailor them to any length to suit, please contact us for a quote. Best Nets Best Price Catch 30% More Fish

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Product no.: Piper-Bait-Drag-6Ply

NZ Legal Piper Bait Drag Fishing Nets 1 inch = 25mm, 6 Ply Mesh, 100MD. Heavy lead core bottom rope. Floats on top.

Was NZ$125.00
From NZ$99.00
You save NZ$26.00

In stock can ship within May 20 days

Product no.: Piper-Bait-Drag-Mono

Piper / Bait Drag Fishing Nets Mesh Size 1 inch 1.25 inch 1.5inch Nylon Mono Mesh.Made for NZ conditions in Auckland New Zealand

Was NZ$110.00
From NZ$60.00
You save NZ$50.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: 6Ply25mmxM

1-inch 25mm full mesh Piper bait fish mesh.100 mesh deep = approx 2m deep .6 ply green twine Most common and strongest mesh or piper

Was NZ$3.50
NZ$4.00 / m

In stock can ship within 3 Business Days days

Product no.: 6ply25mm220m

1-inch 25mm full mesh Piper Bait Fish Mesh is 100 mesh deep = approx 2m 6ply green twine x 220m hank

Was NZ$450.00
You save NZ$91.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: ComboDanforth

Bin, Anchors, Buoys, Rope Combo pack.This combo pack is suitable for all nets up to 60 metres.

Was NZ$180.00
You save NZ$31.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days