Snapper Fishing Nets

In this section, we have Three Mesh Sizes for Snapper & Multi-Purpose NZ made Fishing Nets.


Click here to download a PDF of our diagram on how to set a Snapper / Mullet / Kahawai Set Net

Mesh Sizes Include:

  • 5.0 inch 125mm with 0.50mm thickness mesh
  • 5.5 inch 135mm with 0.60mm thickness mesh
  • 6.25 inch 155mm with 0.60mm thickness mesh
Suitable for many fish around NZ including Snapper.These Fishing Nets Are Legal in New Zealand for:
Blue Cod, Red Cod, Kahawai, Kingfish, Grey Mullet, Parore, Porae, Red Gurnard, Red Snapper / Snapper,Sand Flounder, Tarakihi, Trevally, Blue Moki /Red Moki, Butterfish, Flatfish
Made in 20m 30m 40m 60m and custom made longer for commercial applications.
Just remember to check your local MPI rules to make sure Your net is suitable for your intended purpose.

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Product no.: SNAMP

Standard Multi-purpose Nets 5-00 inch =125mm Full Mesh made with 6mm Lead Core Bottom Rope.In 20m 30m 40m 60m

Was NZ$125.00
From NZ$90.00
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Product no.: XDSna

Extra Deep Mesh-Snapper Nets.  5inch 125mm mesh size x 36 mesh deep approx 3m with  6mm Lead Core Rope.


Was NZ$135.00
From NZ$115.00
You save NZ$20.00

In stock can ship within 3 days

Product no.: SNA-Strong

5 inch/125mm Full Mesh.  6mm Top Rope with 6mm Lead Core Bottom Rope Only Available in 60m x 0.60mm dia twine.

Was NZ$345.00
From NZ$315.00
You save NZ$30.00
Product no.: SnapperHD-160mmMesh

Heavy Duty Net - 6.25inch Mesh Size x 160mm x .60mm dia twine  15MD  other Net Lengths 20m 30m 40m and 60m 

Was NZ$165.00
From NZ$155.00
You save NZ$10.00

In stock can ship within 3 days

Product no.: ComboDanforth

Bin, Anchors, Buoys, Rope Combo pack.This combo pack is suitable for all nets up to 60 metres.

Was NZ$180.00
You save NZ$31.00

In stock can ship within 3 Business days