Swivel Brass Barrel Interlock

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Product no.: LSB04-100


4/0 x 100pcs Brass Barrel Swivels


Brass Barrek Swivel 



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Product no.: LSBI03-100

Bulk Barrel Swivel Black 3/0 + Interlock Snap 100pcs


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Product no.: SCW2

Sea Harvester Two Way Slidebait Swivel Clip Qty 2 - ideal for attaching the bait to your whole setup.

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Product no.: SnapSwivel

Brass Interlock Swivels ,Swivel Large Range of Sizes small to Large

Made in Korea Good Quality.

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Brass Barrel interlock Swivels

Brass Barrel Interlock Swivels Good general purpose swivel for inshore fishing good value.

Range of sizes to suit Light to Heavy Fishing

Sizes Smallest  #8 -#6-#5-#4-#3-#2-#1-1/0-2/0-3/0-4/0-5/0

Swivel Brass Barrel Interlock