Measures and Scales

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Product no.: CMA

Aluminum Scallop and Cray Measure - Use this to measure scallop and cray while at the bottom, It features an easy grip design.

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Product no.: SCALLDL

Heavy Duty Scallop Dredge Large - This Heavy Duty Scallop Dredge includes a triangular frame with a toothed bar.

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Product no.: CML

Cray Measure Long 316 Stainless - Official Length Requirements for Male and Female Crayfish, Scallops and Paua 

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Product no.: 70202

Large Bait Board with Mount and Rod Holders - Large Bait Board with Rod Holder Mounts Left and Right

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Product no.: SCALLD

Heavy Duty Scallop Dredge Standard - This Heavy Duty Scallop Dredge includes a triangular frame with a toothed bar.

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Diving Measures and Scales


Divers who fail to measure their catch and bring undersized Seafood to the surface risk paying large fines,

You can Avod this by using Measures and Scales sold in our stores.


Measure & Scales:

These are extremely important components of your diving and spear-fishing gear. Action outdoors stocks an exclusive range and wide variety of Scallop & Cray scales to equip our customers with the best.

Our stainless steel built cray measure meets length standards set for measuring both male and female Cray fish, Paua etc.

We also stock heavy-duty Scallop dredge in our range. Scallop dredge is designed to have a triangular frame with a toothed bar which helps in dealing with all kinds of fish.

While diving or spearfishing at bottom, you need to have our Aluminum Scallop and Cray Measure. It specializes in operations at the bottom, owing to the easy grip design it possesses.

Whether you are looking for a plastic, aluminum made or a stainless steel product for different kinds of needs and species, we stock products for all of this.

We offer these products in different sizes to perfectly match your needs. You can benefit from our amazing deals on these top-notch products by placing your orders now. You will get your favorite equipment shipped at your doorsteps in three days at unbeatable prices.

Measures and Scales