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Product no.: KILRXB85

Kilwell RXB85 5+1BB Baitfeeder Reel - Kilwell RXB Series Baitfeeder Reels are Perfectly Designed for Softbait Fishing

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Product no.: TICWAD10000

Tica Wanderer 9RRB+1RB Long Cast Baitfeeder Reel - designed for stary lining, or surfcasting.

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Product no.: TICHN100

Tica Hyena HN100 8RRB 3.3:1 Surf Reel - top quality and high performing surf fishing reel.

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Product no.: TICLR6007

Tica Sportera LR6007 4RRB Baitfeeder Reel - This reel was specifically designed for stray lining - Product Code TICLR6007

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Baitfeeder Reels


Kilwell RXB series Baitfeeder reels are perfectly designed for straylining or softbait fishing. 
The reels feature 5 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing a stainless steel mainshaft, instant anti-reverse 
and a twin drag bait feeder system with micro click adjustment. 
The anti-twist line roller, and forged aluminium spools make these reels suitable for mono or braided line. 

Available in three sizes; 

The RXB30 is ideal for soft bait
* 5BB 1RB rust resisitant bearings
* Capacity; 150m/0.30mm or 165yds/10lb monofilament
* 5.2:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 80cm line per handle turn.
* Max Drag 5.5kg

The RXB70 is ideal for straylining
* 5BB 1RB rust resisitant bearings
* Capacity; 250m/0.50mm or 275yds/20lb monofilament
* 5.1:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 109cm line per handle turn.
* Max Drag 7.5kg

The RXB85 is ideal for straylining or surf casting
* 5BB 1RB rust resisitant bearings
* Capacity; 310m/0.50mm or 310yds/20lb monofilament
* 5.1:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 117cm line per handle turn.
* Max Drag 7.5kg


The TiCA Samira SBAT10000 is a long distance surf casting reel. 

A complete new design from TiCA this reel features many new innovations. 
The spool line guard system is now almost silent, there is a sealed easy access lubrication port for the 
main gear and pinion, a stainless line keeper button which can be used as a casting memory device, 
and an optional quick-set drag system. 
The quick-set drag knob features an integrated preset control which effectively gives you the same 
concept as a lever-drag, and is perfect for straylining. Crank the main drag up, then set your desired 
maximum drag with the small preset knob. Then back the main drag off to put your reel into Baitfeeder mode - simple!
Other features include; 13 RRB rust resistant bearings, instant anti reverse, a 
stainless steel mainshaft, worm shaft oscillating system, high speed 5.2:1 gear ratio, solid aluminum 
bail wire and a titanium plated anti-twist line roller to prevent wear from super braid lines. 
The sealed drag features super smooth carbon drag washers which are less prone to the effects of 
water and/or heat buildup. The Samira is supplied with a forged alloy tapered casting spool that has 
a capacity of 285yds of 25lb (260m of .50mm) mono.

TiCA reels have 10 year warranty. 

The TiCA Samira SDAT3507 reel was specifically designed for stray lining and softbaiting.

This reel has 7 x RRB rust resistant bearings plus 1 x RB and a stainless steel mainshaft. 
The Hit and Run system features a twin drag system for stray lining and the spool is oscillated is 
by a worm shaft to give perfect line lay when using ultra fine braid lines. 
This reel has a new super smooth carbon drag system with maximum drag capacity of 5kg of holding power.

* 7 RRB Ball Bearing plus a one-way Roller Bearing gives instant Anti-Reverse.
* Hit and Run baitfeeder system
* Carbon drag washers
* Solid aluminum bail wire.
* Anti-twist rotor.
* Computer balanced rotor.
* Lifetime bail spring.
* Worm shaft oscillation system.
* Impact-absorbent one-way clutch ball bearing.
* Titanium plated anti-twist line rotor.
* Right/ left interchangeable handle.
* Soft-touch handle knob.
* Line retrieve rate 80cm per handle turn.
* Capacity 250yd/12lb, 250m 0.29mm
* Carbon drag washers
* Max drag; 5kg

* 10 year warranty. 

Baitfeeder Reels