TiCA Reels

Tica Game Reels

Tica Game Reels

Kilwell NZ TiCA Game Reels with 10 Years Warranty includes a Large Range of Many Sizes, 2-Speed or Single Speed

TiCA Jigging Reels

TiCA Jigging Reels

TiCa's Range of Jigging Fishing Reels Backed by a 10-year warranty from New Zealand's Kilwell Sports Limited

Tica Surf Reels

Tica Surf Reels

Tica Brand Range of Fixed Spool Surf Casting Reels Suitable for West and East Coast NZ High Speed 

TiCA Reels

TiCA always develops their own unique designs to give a fresh approach to rods and reels of the fishing world.

TiCA's reels are some of the finest in the world as TiCA strive to produce high-quality innovative products. TiCA Products are "BORN TO PERFORM"

Reels are super important in making any fishing operation a success. We stock a wide range and variety of TiCA branded reels for all kinds of different

operations you may need them for. TiCA branded reels are preferred by anglers due to their innovative nature and unwavering attitude towards quality assurance. 

TiCA brand banks itself on stability, power, durability, and engineering of their accessories. All these characteristics combine to make up for a trusted source.

Action outdoors provides its customers with game, surf and jigging reels in this exclusive range. These are tested performers and ideal to use under tough NZ conditions.

Bait casters bait feeders, surfing reels are also part of our extensive range. We offer these amazing products in a variety of product types, sizes, designs, and working, while accessories are made available in single, 2-speed options.

All these varieties ensure the availability of ideal products to our customers for their specific needs. 

Benefit from our amazing deals by placing your orders now at Action Outdoors and receive your desired fishing reels at your doorsteps in three days.

1. TICA Game Reels

Our Game fishing range from TiCA brand includes a variety of products to cater to all the needs of our customers.

These are ideal for trolling, game fishing and jigging operations. These are tested performers under tough NZ conditions. 

Products in this product line also provide variety with options to work with single or two-speed operations i.e. it provides you with two different speed gear ratios.

The low speed provides you with greater power whereas, higher speed offers quicker retrieval. Another edge it enjoys is the 6 rust-resistant surface it is equipped with.

This range includes plating of golden color, which averts rusting. Our extensive range includes 50 and 80 WTS game reels.

It also features a variety of sizes to perfectly match your needs. 

This wide variety ensures the provision of a product for every need. We make sure our customers find the ideal products for every need of theirs.

TiCA reels come with multiple rust resistant ball bearing, strong build-ups with smooth sailing operations. 

The accessories we supply are water-resistant which ensures smooth operation under all kinds of conditions.

Cold forged spool made up of Aluminum provides TiCA branded products with additional durability and strength to counter hash sea conditions of NZ.

2. TICA Surf Reels

This range includes a wide variety of surfcasting reels from TiCA. They come under spinning type reels.

As surf reels are required to perform under saltwater conditions, they are rust-resistant.

They offer great resistance against rusting. Surf, in our range, are capable of handling much higher lines and lures which are typically required in saltwater operations.

Articles in this range are high in strength. They also offer a speedy and smooth-sailing operation.

These characteristics add up to form a great combination of surfcasting in saltwater. These accessories we stock are ideal for use in tough and hostile NZ sea conditions. 

Our range includes the following surfcasting reels; 

  • Talisman specializes in having 14 rust resistant ball bearings. It offers durable and smooth operations, it is known for its amazing looks, strong build-up, and easy-to-use behavior. 
  • Cybernetic is known for being super durable and smooth sailing, it also provides you with a great balance between strength it provides and its weight. It also has 8 rust resistant ball bearings. Its long arm helps you in retrieving all the fish.
  • Cambria is ideal for your use if you want to make sure the bank doesn’t break. It is desired for its lightweight, beautiful sleek design in sparkling blue color.  

3. TICA Jigging Reels

In this range of jigging reels, we stock various world-renowned branded product types, including Victor and Talisman from TiCA brand in a wide variety. Jigging range includes products from different reel types, namely; spinning, boat trolling, jigging and soft bait reels. 

Victor reels in this range are great to use for jigging purposes. They carry a robust design which is compatible with jigging. All jigging enthusiasts prefer to use Victor for their operations in waters. The properties where victor takes lead are; unparalleled stopping power, consistent operation with super high values of heat tolerance. These properties make it ideal for use in jigging operations.  

Other such specifications related to jigging from our range include; very small drag values, forged anodized spool, main gears made up of high strength brass alloy. 

Jigging reels provide you with top speeds. Retrieves are also fast in operation and easy in practice. All these characteristics make them, must-have accessories for your fishing equipment.

Talisman specializes in inshore to offshore saltwater jigging. Talisman under this range possesses 14 rust resistant ball bearings.

It is known for its durable and smooth operations, amazing looks, strong build-up, and easy-to-use behavior.

Forged Aluminum spool provides a great balance between strength and weight.


TiCA Reels