Lead Fishing Sinkers and Molds

Lead Fishing Sinker Moulds

Lead Fishing Sinker Moulds

Sinker Moulds in Various Shapes Tombstone, Hapuka & One-Hole Mould Plus Pouring ladles for making your Sinkers

Fantastic range of lead sinkers and many sinker molds available as well

The range includes

  • Ball Sinkers
  • Egg Sinkers
  • Clip-on Sinkers
  • Surf Sinkers
  • Sand Sinkers
  • Bomb Sinkers
  • Downrigger Sinkers
  • Net Sinkers
  • Long Line Sinkers and
  • Kite Sinkers

We have a great range of Sinker Molds / Molds for all common NZ Sinkers, including the pouring ladles for making the mold.


Lead Fishing Weights and Molds:

We stock an exclusive range of lead sinkers and molds with a great variety for our customers to choose from. Our range has sinker molds for all kinds of different purposes you may want them for.

These products in our range make sure your lure is sunk deep at the bottom of the sea. This operation increases the possibility of striking success in any kind of fishing you may embark on. All different kinds of sinkers including; clip-on, ball bomb, net, sand, egg, surf, downrigger, kite, long line etc. are available with extensive variety in their sizes, designs and specifications in our stocks.

Our range also hosts the pouring ladles along with molds and sinkers. These pouring ladles are used in making those molds. These products are specifically designed to suit their separate purposes including surf casting, accurate casting, trolling, deep bottom, kite and boat fishing operations.

All these different kinds of operations require certain molds which are designed specifically to suit these operations. These items help you stay deep inside water using different techniques which their geometries enable them to implement e.g. clip-on type slips through rocks to reach bottom and stay there to ensure success at trolling, deep fishing operations etc.

We stock and supply these products in different packing options to give our customers a wide spectrum to choose from. Three different bag packing include; small, medium and bulk bags, which contain a big number of these items. These varieties ensure you are accessing the best suited products to meet their needs.

You can benefit from amazing deals we offer on all these accessories by placing your orders now. We will take care of shipping process to help your favorite accessories reach you in three days.


  • Lead Fishing Sinker Molds:

Our extensive range offers you lead fishing molds in a myriad of shapes and designs. Some shapes and designs include; Tombstone, one-hole mold, ball, open cavity flat rock etc. Our range also features pouring ladles which are utilized in making sinkers for your fishing purposes.  Pouring ladles for making your molds.

  • Ball Sinkers:

This range of ours features Ball sinkers, which are vital for you if you are looking for accurate casting. It is helpful in letting you operate against the wind. Ball sinkers possess a larger than normal hole which makes them ideal for accurate casting. We stock these products in various sizes ranging from 1/4oz to 12oz.

  • Reef Sinkers:

Bomb Reef are also important components of our exclusive range. This product type include articles which are compatible for using with strong currents as they help in preventing your line from moving in the current. These products are made available in this range in all three; small, medium, bulk bags. These are present in various sizes from 1/8oz to 20oz.

  • Breakaway Sinkers:

Breakaways are another valuable part of this product line. These are particularly useful when used for surf casting purpose. We have made them available in this range in many sizes including; 3, 4, 5, and 6oz. We stock and provide these useful items in bags containing them in bulk amounts to match your demands in the ideal way.

  • Clip-on Sinkers:

Clip-on is another addition to this range, it specializes in its ability to slip through and reach bottom, and this is why it is ideal for trolling and bottom fishing. They are used with swivel clips. We stock these items in different sizes varying from 1/2oz to 20oz. Clip-on is normally a great general purpose item to have in your armory.

  • Egg Sinkers:

We stock egg sinkers in three different packing; small, medium and bulk packing. Variety in their sizes is extensive ranging from tiny items weighing 0.10oz to heavy 8oz products. Range also features; 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7oz products. They are of egg-like shape, which is why they are called as egg sinker.

  • Grip and Free Sinkers:

Our range features wide variety in Grip and free, which specialize in having wings which prevent from moving into the current. This makes them suitable for use in river mouths etc. We stock these products in variety of sizes including; 3, 4, 5 and 6oz categories. They also offer easy retrieval due to their design.

  • JVI Long Line Sinkers:

JVI products in our range are ideal for use on commercial long lines, which are important to be kept at bottom. These items are stocked in our range in a myriad of sizes including; 10, 16, 18, 24, 28, 32 and 38 oz. We supply these items in different packing ranging from small quantities to big quantities in bulk.

  • Kite Sinkers:

This exclusive line of ours include kite sinkers, which are handy in keeping the line drawn down at the bottom of waters. This way, they help in kite fishing. We stock these items in three sizes from 2 to 8oz. We supply these products in variety of packing featuring different number of items per pack.

  • Puka Sinkers Bulk Bags:

In this product type we stock Hapuka sinkers which are ideal for use while fishing in strong tides. They are also suitable for use in deep water fishing purposes. We stock these items in many weight category options varying between; 24oz to 44oz. We supply them in bulk bags carrying big numbers of them.

  • Pyramid Sinkers:

Pyramids we stock in this range are ideal to use when it is useful to stay at the bottom of the sea. This product line includes these articles in variety of sizes from 10z to 12oz. We also stock these items in three different packing i.e. small, medium and bulk packing which include big number of products in one pack.

  • Sand grip Sinkers:

Another useful product type in this line is sand grip type. Items in this type are dug deep. They prevent the sinker dragging along the or all over the bottom of the sea. We offer variety in these items in both sizes and quantities. Sizes vary between 2oz to 2oz. The packing also offer different options to match customers’ requirements.

  • Spoon Sinkers:

Spoons are high utility products. Items in this type are suitable for use in surf casting. They are also highly used in boat fishing. We offer these items with a myriad of sizes from 1oz to 6oz weight categories. In packs, we supply them in three sizes bags; small, medium and bulk bags, which stock a big number of these items.

  • Tournament Lead Sinkers:

Tournament Lead are also available in this exclusive range. Products in this type are ideal for use in surf casting. We stock these products in six different sizes namely; 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 16oz weight categories. Suitable for use under Surf casting Available with a variety of sizes 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 8oz and 16oz. These are also available in small, medium and bulk bags to give customers enough options to choose from.

  • Wedge Sinkers:

Wedge type features items which are shaped like wedges. Items in this range are suitable to use in boat fishing operations. Wedge sinkers provide the widest variety of product variety with weight categories spanning from 1oz to 38oz options. We stock these items with three different bags; small medium and bulk bag options for customers to choose from.

You can benefit from amazing deals we offer on all these accessories by placing your orders now. We will take care of shipping process to help your favorite accessories reach you in 3 days.








Lead Fishing Sinkers and Molds