Flyline - Floating

Flyline - Floating

Floating Fly Lines

Floating fly lines do just that…they float.

 These are the most versatile type of fly line allowing you to fish dry flies, nymphs, streamers, rivers, lakes and everything in between.  

You can get either a weight forward or double taper on these lines as well.  

This is the type of fly line I would recommend when learning how to fly fish.


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Product no.: MAREDFISHWF

Scientific Anglers Mastery series Smooth Floating Line; REDFISH COLD FOR FISHING IN COOLER WATER TEMPERATURES

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Product no.: WET1WF

S.A Wetcel Intermediate 1.25 ips Fly Line - General Purpose Clear Sinking Fly Line WF5S WF6S WF7S WF8S

Was NZ$69.99
From NZ$65.00
You save NZ$4.99

In stock can ship within 3 days