Marlin Tuna Lures

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Trollingboard Red 18cms

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We stock a wide range of Lures and Rigs which are deadly for catching Marlin,  Skipjack, Albacore Tuna, Kingfish and Kahawai


Our range includes the Kilwell Pacific Teaser and the Pacific Mini Jet.  T

he Pacific Teaser is a 150mm, metal head tuna lure that runs straight with a short bubble trail.

 It comes pre-rigged with a double hook and monofilament trace. Run in close for best results.

We now also have the Pacific Range of Lures including the Feral, Baitfish, Bigeye and Hawaiian lures.

Below are some helpful hints when selecting a lure.



Depth is a major factor in lure selection. There are three categories or lure types, surface, sub-surface and deep. Let’s start with Spring when most gamefish move into the shallow water to spawn and seek food. Surface lures and shallow running lures are the best choices. During the Summer months fish move to deeper water where deep running lures and jigs are used. When fall arrives fish tend to move back to shallower water sub-surface and surface lures will be effective.

Level of Fish Activity

The gamefish level of activity determines the size and action of the lure. For instance, water temperature affects fish more than any other elements, and weather conditions play a major role, such as when a cold front arrives. Cold water reduces the fish activity and it is best to downsize your lure and present your lure slowly. During warm stable weather as the fish’s metabolism is active they feed readily. This is the best time to be on the water to fish, inline spinners, spinner baits, spoons and crankbaits with fast retrieves will move and catch fish.

Fishing Lure Colors, Light & Water Clarity

Many articles have been written and theories discussed lure colour and how the water clarity affects the colours. All water acts as a light filter depending on the clarity, (clear or stained) and the depth of the lure. It has been a general rule of thumb that lighter coloured lures work the best in clear water in stained or murky water fluorescent coloured are favoured. The other cliché is light colour on bright days and dark colours on overcast days no matter what the watercolour is. But this does not explain why dark colors such as purple/black lures work so well on clear water on a bright day

Marlin Tuna Lures