Soft Bait and Jig-Heads

Catch Softbaits Made for New Zealand Conditions

Catch® Livies® are a step forward in fishing technology, and can be used to target almost all species of fish.

They are manufactured from super tough TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material to resist bite offs, and designed to look and swim like real fish.

Combine with Stingaz jigheads for the ultimate in softbaiting action.

Available in curly tail (4” and 5”) and natural tail (4”).

Catch® Livies®mare extensively tested and used by fishing professionals

6 Colours

Soft Bait and Jig-Heads

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Catch Stingaz Tenya Jig Heads 3/0 4 Pack 1/2oz

Product no.: 163036

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New Catch Soft Bait Value Pack

Product no.: 166542

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Kilwell NZ Tuna Oil 5 Litre

Product no.: TUNOILL

Was NZ$69.99
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In stock

Kilwell NZ Tuna Oil 2 Litre

Product no.: TUNOILM

Was NZ$38.59
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In stock

Kilwell NZ Tuna Oil 500ML

Product no.: TUNOILS

Was NZ$18.99
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In stock

Smiths Jig

Product no.: LURSM

From NZ$5.99
In stock can ship within 1-3 days