Knife Steels & Sharpeners

Our full range of Knife Sharpeners includes sharpeners manufactured from:

  • Jewelstick

  • Victory

  • Buck

  • Flugel

You will find a steel or stone here that will match your knife perfectly.


Knife Steels & Sharpeners:
Knife Sharpeners and steels are important in making sure the razor blades are sharp enough to perform any task you want to embark on. 
Action outdoors stocks great variety of these amazing products in its range related to knives. Our range includes variety in both material and size of product. 
We have a product for every kind of knife you may own. Top-notch equipment is offered with varying size options in steel and stone to provide you with an item for all kinds of knives. This incredible range and choice enables you to pick ideal item to perfectly match your requirements. 
The finishing surfaces of our sharpeners vary from polished to coarse surfaces. We stock these accessories in varying surfaces to offer you wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you need a stone or steel of any size or finishing surface for your use, you will find it in our diverse stocks. 
Ensuring availability of top-notch articles to our customers is our utmost priority. We stock these items from various renowned brands including; Jewel-stick, Kilwell, Victory, Flugel and Buck. You can benefit from amazing deals we are offering on these amazing accessories by placing your orders now. We will ship your desired knife sharpeners to your doorsteps within three days. 
Must-have Products in this range of ours are enlisted below;
Butchers Steels:
Butchers Steel range offers amazing equipment for household, fishing, hunting, meat processing and commercial use. They offer variety in sizes to perfectly cater to all your needs. It also includes knife sharpeners with added option of ring and bar.
Owing to their manufacturing from high carbon steel, hardened and toughened carefully, these steels are great to use in various operations as mentioned above. 
We stock equipment from top brands in this range including; Victory, Flugel, Kilwell and Cambrian brands. These items are of professional grade and their machining, hardening, toughening, chromium plating and magnetizing is performed with extreme care. 
Our exclusive range stocks these quality products made in NZ and Germany Cambrian steels in this range are of top-most quality. These items are extensively utilized by experts and professionals alike all over NZ. 
We stock these products with multiple cuts, making sure that a product for every purpose or need is available. These items come with an easy-to-handle grip. These are ideal for acquiring sharp edges which last for extended periods. Non-slip handles on these butchers’ steels assure safety of the user. 
Action outdoors provides you with these accessories in different grades of surface finishing ranging from polished to coarse. This variety and diversity in size, brands, materials etc. allows you to choose ideal product for your need.
Diamond Steels:
Our range of sharpener and steels stock a number of different Diamond steels. These items are ideal for sharpening and honing your knife razors. These diamond coated knife steels are available in various sizing options for you to choose from.
We stock these amazing accessories and hones from world renowned brands including; Buck, jewel stick etc. in multiple sizes to ensure a product for every need of yours. Owing to the manufacturing of these items from electroplated diamond dust, they are ideal for sharpening and honing any razor blade. 
Two-sided diamond sharpeners in this range offers diamond coating on both sides. These products from Jewel stick are preferred by chefs. These items also form essential equipment for your kitchen. This range also includes oval steels, which offer you a great angle on your knife-edge, normally this angle ranges from 18 to 22 degrees. 
When purchasing sharpeners for your razor blades you are advised to follow the rule of thumb. This rule states that your sharpener has to be longer or equal to your blade in length. We provide you with a variety of sizes in these items, ensuring wide variety and a product for every need of yours. Our stocks have these amazing accessories shipped all the way from USA. 
Place your orders now to receive these amazing products at your doorsteps.
Knife Steels & Sharpeners

Butchers Steels

Butchers Steels

Cambrian and Flugel Butchers Knife Sharpening Steels Available in Five Grades Ranging from Polished to Coarse.

Diamond Steels

Diamond Steels

Diamond Knife Sharpeners.They will hone as well as sharpen and will make any knife razor sharp