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Product no.: MACHETTE-Truper

Good Quality Machete "Truper".Riveted Handle, Polished Blade.  Avail in 12-14-16 and 18inch

Was NZ$25.00
From NZ$16.95 / unit(s)
You save NZ$8.05

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: MACHETTESH

Quality Machete with 14 inch Stainless Steel Curved Blade and Canvas Sheath-Good Value Buy Now.

Was NZ$21.95
NZ$23.00 / unit(s)

In stock can ship within 3 Business Days days

Product no.: MACHETTEHD

Quality Machete with 16 inch Long Heavy 3.5mm Stainless Steel Blade, Wooden Handle With Nylon Sheath. 

Was NZ$55.00
NZ$49.99 / unit(s)
You save NZ$5.01

In stock can ship within 3 Business Days days

Product no.: Machette-Jungle-HD-Golock

Jungle Martindale GoLock Machette - Heavy 13inch no.2  Blade with German Beechwood Lightweight Wooden Handle. 

Was NZ$59.99
You save NZ$3.99

In stock can ship within 3 Business days

Product no.: MACHETTE24-23inch

Machette with 23inch Stainless Steel Blade and with a Soft Rubber Handle.  This machette comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath.

Was NZ$54.99
NZ$45.00 / unit(s)
You save NZ$9.99

In stock can ship within 3 Business Days days

Product no.: LATIN24

Machette Latin With Poly Handle 600mm Lasher - Product Number LATIN24 - Made in South Africa

Was NZ$34.99
You save NZ$5.00

In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Product no.: HACKKNIFEL

Hacking Knife - Lasher - Hacking knives are used for cutting open old drums and slitting sheet metal.

Was NZ$39.99
You save NZ$10.00

In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Product no.: KNIV840

Machette 368 PTN with Poly Handle - Lasher - Manufactured from 2mm thick hardened and tempered carbon steel. 420mm.


Was NZ$41.98
You save NZ$11.99

In stock can ship within 2-3 days

Product no.: KUKRI

Machette Kukri PTN with Poly Handle-330mm Lasher - Manufactured from 2mm thick hardened and tempered carbon steel.

Was NZ$45.00
You save NZ$7.01

In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

View our range of machete with sizes and machete lengths ranging from 14inch to 23inch blades 

In the world, machetes are a part of daily life.  

Generally speaking, the machete is a cross between a knife and an axe.

The machete blade is used for cutting, while the weighted upper blade provides force for chopping.

We have suggested below the most popular uses for a machete:

Hunters and Fisherman Use the machete for clearing paths to fishing holes, creating funnel points for animals, chopping down brush to create fish habitats and for creating shooting lanes.  Clearing Brush and Cutting Trails The machetes are a good option for clearing brush and cutting trails. Surveyors They will use machetes to clear areas for placing survey stations, clearing lines of sight and cutting trails to reach boundaries. Chopping Compost To encourage your compost to break down easily, a machete is useful for chopping compost into small pieces. Agricultural Uses Agricultural crops, such as corn, rye, and many others can be easily harvested with a machete.  Machetes can also be used for removing cover crops or dead plants from farms and gardens by clearing the above ground vegetation and leaving the root structure behind. Additionally, removing vines is no trouble. Just chop segments from tree-hugging vines for removal and apply herbicide to the chopped surface to kill the base and roots of the vine. Clearing Woody Vegetation

Machetes are a great choice for pruning and clearing woody vegetation, as well as removing side branches from the main trunk of trees.  

Many landscaping professionals opt for machetes for quick and clean trimming of unruly branches, plants, and unreachable tall grass; and, similarly, more foresters are using machetes to clear underbrush to reduce the risk Forest fires.

 Other Popular Uses for Machetes Include:

  • Cut fodder for livestock or small pets.
  • Thin your woodlot for the growth of income-producing trees.
  • Diversify habitats for native species.
  • Coppice trees for firewood, charcoal, or other uses.
  • Remove invasive plants.
  • Trim overhanging branches that tangle fishing lines.
  • Use as a general utility tool to cut line, ready lures, open bottles, and gut fish.
  • Construct shelter from bark and poles. Use the machete to strip large pieces of bark from trunks.
  • Use as a snow knife to cut and shape snow shelters
  • Carve, incise, or plane wood. Make tools, poles, and spears.
  • Gather edible or medicinal plants. Dig for roots.
  • Make traps and snares.
  • Butcher and process meat.
  • Create diverse habitat, meadows and brush piles, for attracting wildlife.
  • Clear brush and scrub for visibility and photography.
Machetes NZ Small to Large