NZ Shellfish Knives

NZ Shellfish Knives

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Product no.: 3-606-9-101

Clam  Shellfish Opening Knife By Victory Knives NZ

Blade Length: 9cm SS

Product Code 3-606-9-101 

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Product no.: 2-602-10-116

Shellfish Knives- Double Edge Oyster Knife by Victory Knives NZ 10cm Blade code 2-602-10-116

Was NZ$28.00
You save NZ$3.40

In stock can ship within 1 Business days

Product no.: 2-602-5

 Kia Ora Oyster knife Short 5cm Blade with superior steel quality which limits corrosion, Made and designed in NZ

Was NZ$29.00
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Product no.: 3-603-08-101

Mussel Opening Knife - Stainless Steel 8cm Blade manufactured to limit corrosion.White non slip grip handle

Was NZ$20.00
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Product no.: 5-920-11-117

Victory Scallop Knife,11 cm Stainless Steel Blade.Is one of the only knives that can capture the whole scallop, reducing wastage.

Was NZ$19.99
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Product no.: S4-05-Short-Sheath

S4 05 Short Plastic Sheath. Designed to fit 5cm  Blade  Shellfish Knives by Victory Knives. Colour White. 

Was NZ$12.00
You save NZ$3.00

In stock can ship within 1 days

Product no.: S4-12-Med-Sheath

Medium Plastic Sheath - Designed to fit 22cm Victory NZ Knives - Colour White - Protect your Victory knives.

Was NZ$15.00
You save NZ$3.50

In stock can ship within 1 days

Product no.: 2-601-8-115

Single Edge Oyster Knife 8cm Stainless Steel by Victory Knives NZ.  Vital accessory for any Fisherman who likes Oysters.

Was NZ$28.50
You save NZ$6.10

In stock can ship within 1 days

Large Range of Shellfish Knives from Victory - New Zealand Made


These knives are a vital accessory for use with Paua, Mussels, Oyster, Clams, Scallops and many more.

We are proud to supply these NZ made quality knives.

  • Stainless Steel,
  • Narrow, Boning,
  • Filleting,
  • Oyster,
  • Divers Knives ......   and many more.
Knife Description: All Victory knives are manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand out of imported German no-stain High Carbon Stainless Steel. 
  • The Stainless Steel Blade is flat ground and has a hardness is 54-56 HRC. It has a -78 C Quench after hardening. Its benefit is a strong, hard and wear resistant blade with an improved edge Retention. 
  • The knife comes with a classic Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) Handle and Finger Guard made for added Safety which has proven robust and practical. 
  • All Handle and Blade Materials are MAF and FDA approved. 
Each knife is engraved with a unique serial number. 
NZ Shellfish Knives