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Anglers Eel Fyke 3 Funnel Net 10ft long

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  • Front hoop 400mm diameter.
  • Wing is 2.1m long with 5 floats and 14 lead weights.
  • Total length 4.3m.
  • Hoops are #6 galvanised wire.
  • Total of 4 chambers. 3 with anti swimback netting.
  • Professionally made.
  • These nets are very easy to set. 
  • Put bait into a container with holes in it, into the back of the Eel Fyke Net.
  • Stake both ends of the net into the riverbed or stream. 
  • The wing must face down stream.
  • Ensure that the front hoop is sitting flat on the bottom and is stable.
  • For best catches you need to find the right bait for where you are fishing, but generally fresh bait is more successful for catching eels. 
  • You will find different Eeling rivers and streams can  require different baits.

Click here for the MPI Fisheries Regulations of NEW ZEALAND SHORTFIN AND LONGFIN EELS

General netting restrictions

  •  No person may set or possess more than one drag net, set net, fyke net, or any other type of net at any one time.
  •  Nets must be hauled by hand.
  •  Any net or nets used either individually or jointly must not extend across more than one-quarter of the width of any river, stream, channel, bay or sound.
  •  No person may set or use a baited net (except fyke nets).
  •  Nets must not be staked (except fyke nets).
  •  No net may be used in a way that causes fish to be stranded by the falling tide (stalling).
  •  Each end of a set net must have a surface float permanently and legibly marked with the fisher’s initials and surname.
  • A phone number is also useful.
  • Only one float is required for fyke nets.
  • 9421024638948


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