Pacific Islands Complete Nets

Pacific Islands Complete Nets

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Fishing Net Strong 2 inch mesh 0.60mm

2-00" Strong Fishing net made with 60lb nylon for Pacific Islands Coral & Reef Fishing Sizes 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 100m

From NZ$145.00 / Kit(s)
In stock can be shipped within 3 Business days

Mullet Net Strong 2.5 inch mesh 0.60mm

2.5inch Strong Fishing Nets made with 60lb nylon for Pacific islands Mullet & Reef Fish. 30m 40m  50m 60m and 100m lengths

From NZ$149.00
In stock can be shipped within 3 Business days

60m Mullet Herring Net 2inch 50mm Mono x 30MD

60m Mullet / Herring Net - 2inch/50mm x 30MD. Mono Bait Fishing Nets. Herring, Sprats, Bait, Fishing Nets.

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From NZ$49.00
Was NZ$299.00
You save NZ$250.00
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60m NZ Mullet Fishing Net Mono 90mm

 Made with 6mm Lead core bottom rope, 6mm Top rope with Floats

Available in   3.6 inch or 4 inch mesh

Lengths    60m

From NZ$80.00
In stock can be shipped within 1 days

Standard NZ Mullet Nets

NZ Made Mullet Nets with leads on bottom and floats on top rope, 90mm or 100mm mesh.

20m 30m 40m 60m

10m Piper Bait Nets Mono Nylon Mesh 1.25inch Mesh

$65.00 10m Piper Net Mono Nylon mesh 1.25" mesh Also 

Lengths 15m 20m 25m 30m 40m 60m Custom made Longer.


From NZ$75.00
In stock

60m Fishing Nets Buoy Anchor Combo

Bin, Anchors, Buoys, Rope Combo pack.  This combo pack is suitable for all nets up to 60 metres.


Was NZ$180.00
You save NZ$31.00
In stock can be shipped within 3 Business days



Our range of complete nets, ready to use, specially made for fishing in the Pacific Islands.


Our full range includes heavy duty nets in different sizes and lengths.


  • We make nets from 1 inch mono to 6.25 inch mesh nets.

  • Also we have a choice of ropes and floats .

  • We can also make shallow nets 1.5m wide to 2.5m wide.

  • We have a choice of mesh thickness

  • We have strong nets for coral fishing.


  • Custom made nets to your specifications start from as little as $4.50 per Metre.

  • We can custom make any length with leads on bottom rope or a braided lead line please contact us for more information

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Pacific Islands Complete Nets