CRC Penetrating Sprays

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CRC Penetr8 Hi Speed Penetrant 210ml

Product no.: 5500-CRC

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CRC Penetr8 Hi Speed Penetrant 500ml

Product no.: 5501-CRC

Was NZ$21.43
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In stock can ship within 7 Business days

CRC Penetr8 Freeze Off 400ml

Product no.: 5503-CRC

Was NZ$25.00
You save NZ$2.00
In stock can ship within 7 Business days

Dielectric Grease in a 94 gm Silicone Aerosol

Product no.: 5106-CRC

Was NZ$60.24
You save NZ$14.25
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In stock can ship within 2 days

CRC 5-56 Electrical 420ML

Product no.: 1751841-CRC

Was NZ$19.99
You save NZ$3.49
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In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

CRC Penetrating Sprays

View our range of high quality, industrial strength penetrating sprays.

CRC Penetrating Sprays:

Action outdoors provides you with CRC penetrating sprays. It has emerged as a world leader by providing quality accessories for performing maintenance operations and repairing your boats, Motor homes and fishing gears.
These sprays are highly effective as they make their way deep into narrow surfaces with the help of required catalysts. This range includes industrial lubricants which are top-quality chemicals. They help in releasing any seized components. Their application includes waste utility in industrial world especially automotive, boating etc.

These products from our CRC range are low-viscosity lubricants. They are handy in removing mechanical parts by freeing them. This process is initiated by first setting these mechanical parts rust-free. Our lubricants are capable of penetrating deep into the small spaces between threads of nuts and bolts.

CRC penetrants are vital to long lives of your Boats, RV, and Caravans. Using these products at the right time can save you lots of money in the longer run.
We stock these amazing products in a wide variety to ensure their availability to all of you.

The wide range and variety includes products from 210 ml packing to 500 ml.
You can benefit from our amazing deals on these items by place your orders now. We will ship your desired items to your doorsteps in three days.

CRC Penetrating Sprays