Bird Control Bird Scare

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Product no.: GULL-2

Standard 1m - 920mm Gullsweep Eliminate cleaning time unsightly stains Easy to install or quick non-permanent mountings

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Product no.: GULL-1

Keep Birds Off Your Boat - Bird Scare device Standard 2m Gullsweep Eliminate cleaning time and unsightly stains

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Gullsweep is a simple and effective method for keeping birds of your vessel.


Gullsweep is an effective bird control

It has been used around the world (for more than 40 years) to ward off flying critters that love to roost & mess on one's boat.

The primary objective of the Gullsweep is to make gulls uncomfortable so they will select another roosting site.

Every bird has its predators and so they are always in a survival mode.

Gullsweep by its very unique nature creates that unknown fear that the moving object represents a potential danger.

Thus with other alternative locations available, it is more suitable to go elsewhere.

Gullsweep is not expensive and can be easily mounted, dismounted and stored quickly when boating so that using several on a boat is very realistic and more effective.


Bird Control Bird Scare

Control and scaring them away is important to have the distortion-free peaceful environment onboard. To achieve this we have stocked gullsweeps in our Chandlery bits’ range. These structures are effective in scaring away interrupting birds.

This method and structure both are simple in use but an effective approach overall. The basic principle of gullsweep is that a moving object is seen as a potential danger by birds, which is why they wouldn’t sit on your boat. By creating fear factor in their minds you can keep them of your vessels.

We stock these amazing items in multiple size options to control them from disturbing you. These sizes include; 920mm and 2m diameter gull sweeps which efficiently gets the job done. You can select a product for your need as per the size of your vessel. To provide you with variety in design we also provide hanging gullsweep which is great to use for sailboats in which you can rapidly deploy a line.

Another advantage of these items is their easy-to-mount nature which enables beginners to install them in the ideal orientations and make them work effectively. These are also easy to un-mount and can be packed quickly. For ideal results, you should use multiple gullsweeps at once on your vessel.

Bird Control Bird Scare