Boat Hooks & Paddles

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Telescopic Boat Hooks. Boat Hook with a paddle, 

Boat hooks and Paddles

Our Chandlery Bits’ range offers a wide variety of boat hooks and paddles for all kinds of vessels you own and applications you want to use them for.

The wide variety we host features these items in a myriad of sizes, colours, and designs etc. to offer you dozens of viable options to choose from.

These varieties enable our customers to look through a plethora of these minutely different and detailed products and then choose the item, they were looking for. These items we stock work efficiently as your docking or undocking aid.

Key product type in this range is the telescopic hook, which we stock in multiple sizes including; 1.18-2.04m, 1.56-2.30m, 1.22-1.69m etc. to name a few. These accessories also come with paddles to facilitate our customers.

Cleaning accessories for these hooks and paddles like; microfiber gloves and cleaning brushes are also part of this range, these products help keep the accessories tidy and working. You can place your orders for desired accessories now, in order to benefit from super deals we offer on these items. Avail this opportunity before we run out of them. We will ship these products to your doorsteps within three days.


Boat Hooks & Paddles