Marine Buoys & Fenders

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Fender Buoys 14 sizes 400mm to 2m

Product no.: F40PF

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Windy Buoys & Fenders 8 Sizes Small to Large

Product no.: polyform-windy-buoys

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Marina Berth Wheel 302mm

Product no.: 1072

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Fenders & Buoys


Since 1985, Ocean was the first in the world to design & produce the unique range of our Solid boat fenders, bow and stern yacht fenders made from Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam.

After being more than 30 years in the boat fending market, continuously introducing new products according to the needs of our trusting partners, we are now proud to claim the top spot for the world’s biggest manufacturing plant for all kinds of both inflatable boat fenders and solid marine boat fenders.

Being regarded as the most innovative brand in the marine fenders' market, we shall continue to manufacture... THE BEST YACHT FENDERS in the world.

The future of marine fending is filled with OCEAN..

Superior Quality - Exclusive and modern design - Unique features
Lifetime Performance - Maximum Protection - Ultimate Consistency
Largest range of boat fenders and bumpers in the market

Marine Buoys and Fenders

We stock a wide variety of Marine buoys and fenders in our chandlery bits’ range at Action outdoors. These items are made available in a myriad of sizes coloring options and designs to choose from.

They are of key importance in marine operations, as they play a vital role in assuring your well-being and sound voyage, under unfortunate circumstances.

If in case, your vessel meets an accident or collides, these accessories absorb the kinetic energy of moving vessel undergoing collision against any other surface; let it be a wall, or any other boat etc. This absorption saves you from imminent damage. Items in this range, assure the safety of both; boat and people residing it.

Our buoys range is full of vibrant products which are also efficient in their working. These colours are offered to help them serve their purpose of being visible for far off vessels in a pursuit to avoid any collision.

We also have made available, inflatable fenders in this range which have the option of being filled with air. By doing so you are minimizing the amount of damage which can be caused in case of a collision, as they would absorb maximum energy of the colliding body.

Owing to all these great applications our stocks feature Top-notch Ocean fenders to ensure the quality of our products. Ocean Technologies is a renowned brand for its chandlery equipment, which is why with these fenders you can stop worrying about the risks of any collisions.


Marine Buoys & Fenders