Bowdens Own Boat Wash / Wax 2 Litre

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Bowdens Own Boat Wash / Wax 2 Litre

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Bowdens Own Boat Wash / Wax 2 Litre

For a beautiful, just waxed glow that time poor and lazy enthusiasts will appreciate.  Keep your boat looking pristine.


  • Infused with real T1 grade carnauba wax, to give your boat a boost in both shine and protection.
  • Custom formulated to care for modern clear coat / gelcoat paints. 
  • Unique additives were added to help keep rubber and plastic trims like new. 
  • Deep cleaning detergents that quickly loosen bonded salt and grit.
  • Super lubricating to minimise swirl marks occurring while washing.
  • pH neutral, so it wont strip any quality waxes, sealants or protective coatings from your paint.
  • High sudsing to suspend the dirt and grime away from the paint. 
  • Rinses off residue free, with no streaking or water spots.
  • Silicone and salt free as well, because we love boats!
  • Built in anti-rust additives and UV protection for harsh NZ conditions.
  • Great value and easy to measure, with just 1 capful needed per wash. 
  • Non drip cap, so it you won't get product down the side of the bottle. (OCD people like us will love it). 

OBT 7/16/2018


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