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Product no.: EMERKIT-BULK

Emerkit Epoxy Bulk Kit - Industrial Pack Product Code: EMERKIT BULK Contains Resin and Hardener which need to be mixed at 1:1 ratio.

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Product no.: INOX-LANOX-300G

Inox Lanox mx4 Marine Lubricant INOX LANOX 300G Designed for heavy industrial, mining, farming, marine

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Product no.: 2305C

Rope Cutter and Sealer Product Code: 2305 Model 2305C rope cutter and sealer is fast and efficient.

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Marine and RV Deck Treads:

Deck treads are essential parts of your chandlery equipment, they not only provide you with a comfortable living atmosphere but also, enhance the look of your interior’s design.

We stock these items in a number of sizes and colouring options to help you choose the ideal product for your requirements. These vibrant accessories are easy on the eye and add to the elegant look of the interior of your boat, RV or Motorhome.

The colours we stock in this range include; white, light grey, steel grey and gun grey, you can select as per your requirements and interior designs. We also offer variety in sizes and packing of these items with two big sheet size options; 1030 X 1025 and 2050 X 1030 both with 3mm thickness.

These deck treads offer a non-slip surface which enhances the living experience. The top-quality material ensures tough, hard-wearing working of these treads. These characteristics ensure quality use of these items for extended periods.

Products we stock under this range are easy to install, maintain and live on. These operations are made easy for our customers due to double side adhesive surfaces.

We also stock these products in small packs, which are convenient to purchase and can serve your requirements in a more precise way.

Deck Treads  Products