Spearguns for Sale NZ

Complete Spearguns

Complete Spearguns

Complete Spearguns  brands such as Sioux, Star, Yuma, Moicano, Humbolt,Cressi Band or Pneumatic.

Spearguns for Sale NZ

Spearguns, Replacement shafts and rubbers, Bungees and floatlines and all speargun accessories.



What Is a Speargun?

A speargun is an underwater weapon that is extensively used for fishing or shooting a target. There are two versions of the gun, the pneumatic and the one powered by rubber bands. There are a variety of spears that can be used as per need. The varieties include threaded, breakaway and lined. The speargun is basically the composition of a spear, the barrel, and a handle for gripping and handling the trigger. We have a wide variety of famous brands such as Sioux, Star and Yuma. Our collection does not stop here but we also house Moicano, Humbolt, Cressi Band and Pneumatic.

What are some useful accessories for spearguns?

Speargun Bridles: This is an important part of the equipment of a Diving & Spearfishing Speargun. To load one, you have to pull the rubbers all the way to the notches of the spear shaft. The dyneema or the bridles slip on to the notches. The speargun is now loaded and once the trigger is pulled, the spear will be fired. To keep your gun in perfect shape, bridles need to be changed regularly.

Muzzle Bungees: These small pieces of elastic rubber attach the muzzle and the mono line to the shaft. The bungee helps the spearfisher to shoot easily by absorbing the recoil pressure. A good quality muzzle bungee will always help the spearfisher land the fish in one shot making it a vital piece of rubber in the speargun.

Crimps and Mono: With the help of the crimps, the mono line is attached to the spear shaft. Additionally, the spear shaft is attached to the speargun.

Speargun Rubber: The rubber is attached to the gun through holes present in the muzzle. To load the gun, you have to pull back the rubber all the way to the base of the sear shaft. We also have a video above to help you understand how to load a Diving & Spearfishing Speargun with perfection.

Clips and Lanyards: These are very useful accessories you should consider having. Although they are not a part of the speargun, but they can be easily attached to your belt. You can use them to hold useful items during your diving. You can even use it to hold the speargun while swimming or when your hands are busy.

Flashers: These tiny pieces of mirror are extremely useful during spearfishing. They can be attached to the mono line and used to attract fish making it easier to find and hunt them. Large fish often mistake shiny objects for bait which makes the flashers very useful for the expert spearman.

The size of a speargun you should own depends on the type of Diving & Spearfishing you will be doing. To start, it is best to use a shorter gun which will allow you to take better aim and loads easily. Larger guns are heavy and can be handled by the experts. If you are already an expert, take a look at our wide range of Diving & Spearfishing Spearguns.