ChargeMaster 25 Amp Battery Charger

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ChargeMaster 25 Amp Battery Charger

Product no.: MC1225

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MasterVolt ChargeMaster 25 Amp Battery Charger


Mastervolt ChargeMaster 25 Amp Battery Charger

Nominal output voltage: 12 V
Total charge current: 25 A
Number of battery outlets: 3
Battery capacity range: 50-250 Ah
Nominal input voltage: 120/230 V (50/60 Hz) 

Charge your batteries quickly and completely

Mastervolt is known for offering ‘The power to be independent’ and the ChargeMaster series of fully automated battery chargers certainly lives up to this reputation. With the ability to plug in anywhere in the world, you can rest assured that your batteries are always quickly and fully charged. And thanks to Mastervolt’s innovative 3-step+ charging process, batteries also perform better and last longer.

Complete range 12 V and 24 V models
The Mastervolt ChargeMasters are available in various versions, allowing you to select the battery charger that best suits your situation and wishes. The small ChargeMaster models come with two metres of cable pre-assembled to the inlet, making them truly plug & play!
The larger models have a single full output for your service battery and two 10 A outputs, which are perfect for your starter and thruster batteries.

Also works on generator power
The ChargeMaster also works well with generator power. Thanks to the sophisticated ‘cos phi 1’ technology, charging returns are extremely high, enabling optimal charging even with limited generator capacity.

Plug & play battery chargers
The ChargeMaster is a genuine plug & play battery charger, made all the easier by the MasterBus one cable system. This smart and user-friendly platform for communication and connections enables all components within your system to talk to each other. Configurations, checking, digital switching between components, full monitoring and safety: From the control panel or your computer, you have a comprehensive overview and the latest system status at your fingertips.

Clear read-out panel
A clearly lit display on the ChargeMaster provides all essential information, including charge current, charge voltage, charge phase (bulk, absorption, float), battery content measurement and/or battery condition measurement as a percentage of available Ah capacity. The read-out panel also provides an indication of MasterBus communication. The system provides various alarms, including for excessive voltage. Three buttons adjacent to the read-out panel allow for easy operating of the entire system.

MasterBus compatible
All Mastervolt battery chargers can be easily connected to a MasterBus network with only one cable and one connection. What’s more, you have the option for central, local or remote monitoring, configuration and control of your system.


General specifications  

Nominal output voltage: 12 V
Total charge current: 25 A
Number of battery outlets: 3
Battery capacity range: 50-250 Ah
Nominal input voltage: 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Charge current second output: 25 A
Charge current third output: 25 A
AC connection: 2 mtr AC cable
Supplies your system without battery: yes
Display/read-out: LED display
Dimensions, (hxwxd): 234x132x60 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Fastening: screw
Approvals: CE, E-mark, ABYC A-31, SAE J1171/ISO 8846 ignition protected

Technical specifications  

Charge characteristic: IUoUo, automatic 3-step+ for gel/AGM/wet/Lithium Ion  
Charge voltage Bulk: 14.4 V
Charge voltage Absorption: 14.25 V
Absorption time: 4 hours
Charge voltage Float (wet batteries): 13.25 V
Charge voltage Float (gel/AGM batteries): 13.8 V
Temperature compensation: -22 mV/ °C
Voltage compensation: automatic
Power consumption (DC side): < 2 mA
Full load consumption (230 V AC): 450 W
Current Control function: no
Power factor control: ≥ 0.98
Temperature range (ambient temp.): -25 °C to 60 °C, derating > 25 °C
Protection degree: IP23
Cooling: vario fan
Sound level:< 52 dBA at 1 mtr
Protections: over temperature, over load, short circuit, high battery, low battery
MasterBus compatible: yes
CSI/DC alarm: yes, using a Multipurpose Contact Output (code 77030500) 

NZ Code: MC1225

OBT 1:54 pm PST 6/7/2018




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