Prop Nut Anodes

Prop Nut Anodes

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Side-Power Zinc Anode for 4HP and 6HP

Product no.: 61180

Side-Power Zinc Anode (61180) - Replacement anodes for your old 4HP and 6HP Side-Power Thrusters. 

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FLEXOFOLD™ Prop Anode - Aluminium

Product no.: ANOPNFXA

FLEXOFOLD™ Prop Anode - Aluminium Fits standard 3-blade Flexofold propellers from 15" through 24"


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Nut Anode - For Shaft Size 1 1/4 Inch

Product no.: ANOPNDAC09

Nut Anode - D - 7/8 NC9 or 7/8 NF14 - 1 1/4" Shaft Size, 78mm Length - Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes

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Nut Anode - For Shaft Size 1 3/8 Inch

Product no.: ANOPNCAC08

Nut Anode - For Shaft Size 1 3/8", 3 1/2" Length - 0.65KG Weight - Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes

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Prop Anode - For Shaft Size 1 Inch

Product no.: ANOPNCAC10

Prop Anode - For Shaft Size 1", 3" Length - 0.35KG Weight - Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes

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Prop Anode - For Shaft Size 7/8 Inch

Product no.: ANOPNBAC11

Prop Anode - B- 5/8 NC11 - 7/8" (22mm)- 2 1/8" (54mm) - 1 5/8" (41mm) - 0.21kg - Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes

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Size B Prop Nut Anode Replacement

Product no.: ANOPNAB

Size B  Replacement Prop Nut Anodes - Martyr Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes Prop Anode - B- 5/8 NC11 (ANOPNBAC11)

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Wash Down Coil Hose Kit - 25ft

Product no.: NS60

Washdown Coil Hose Kit - 25ft Product Code: NS60 25ft coiled hose with snap on plastic garden type hose fittings

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Wash Down Hose fitting

Product no.: NS61

Wash down Hose fitting Product Code: NS61 Bulkhead fitting BULK HEAD fiited  lightweight, and compact.

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Side-Power Al-Zi Anode - 701180A

Product no.: 701180A

Side-Power Aluminum-Zinc Anode (701180A) - Anode and screw for SH1000/1400 SAC 513/610 Thruster.

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Marine Propeller Nut Zinc Anodes. 

Propeller nut anodes are used to protect your prop and the nuts that keep the propeller attached to your shaft. Propeller nut zinc anodes fit over the nuts, attaching with a fixing bolt and rotate with the propeller – they are not attached to the shaft.

Prop Nut Anodes