Engine Vents Blowers Ducting

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Bulkhead Engine Bilge Blower 24V

Product no.: 6627

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ATTWOOD Turbo 4000 InLine Blower 4inch 24V

Product no.: 6629

Was NZ$153.99
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MPPT Solar Controller 20A

Product no.: MC2420N10

Was NZ$221.99
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Engine Vents, Blowers and Scoops

12v 24v Blowers Stainless Steel Ventilators and ABS Vents and Scoops 
Our Engine vents, scoops and blower stocks at Action Outdoors are must have accessories for your outdoor adventures.
Our products are an essential part of your Marine boating equipment.
Action outdoors offers a variety of items for our customers at unbeatable prices.

Our variety includes:-

  • 12 and 24 volt Blowers; which work efficiently to cool, aspirate and ventilate etc. your engines and hereby, enhancing its working. 
  • Stainless steel ventilators which help maintain a healthy climate on board. We offer variety based on difference in size as well as building material of the ventilators. 
  • Our ABS Vents and Scoops are the most cost effective accessories when it comes to enhancing performance of your engine by cooling down the temperatures around it.
These accessories will force the outside air into the air intake, thus, resulting in the most cost effective procedure to enhance horse power of the engine.
We believe in providing the best possible equipment to our customers along with the provision of unforgettable service at unbeatable prices.
Engine Vents Blowers Ducting