Marine and RV Hatch Accessories

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maXtek Dinghy Davit Pad and Yoke pair

Product no.: RPD100Y

NZ$379.99 / pair(s)
Was NZ$355.99

can be shipped within 3-5 days

RV Folding Step Stool supports up to 136 kg

Product no.: 5001-ASM

Was NZ$79.99
You save NZ$5.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Gas Strut - SS with Bracket and Stud 255mm

Product no.: 116831-BP

Was NZ$102.00
You save NZ$4.01
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Gas Strut SS with Bracket and Stud 385mm 20kg

Product no.: 116830-BP

Was NZ$109.00
In stock can ship within 2 - 3 Business days

Gas Strut SS with Bracket and Stud 485mm 10kg

Product no.: 116832-BP

Was NZ$161.00
You save NZ$2.01
In stock can ship within 3 - 5 business days

Gas Struts SS with Braket and Stud 585mm 10kg

Product no.: 116833-BP

Was NZ$199.99
You save NZ$1.11
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Nuova Rade XL Hatch-520mm x 460mm

Product no.: 4662B

Was NZ$234.99
You save NZ$16.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Nuova Rade Black Hatch-Large 606mm x 353mm

Product no.: 4660B-ASM

Was NZ$177.99
You save NZ$17.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Nuova Rade XLarge White Hatch 520mm x 460mm

Product no.: 4661

Was NZ$234.99
You save NZ$16.99
In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Maxwell Altus Escape Hatch 701mm x 701mm

Product no.: 4640-ASM

Was NZ$1,424.99
You save NZ$29.99
In stock can ship within 3-7 business days

Weaver Quick Kit For Snap Davit

Product no.: RBDKIT

NZ$299.00 / pair(s)
Was NZ$320.00
You save NZ$21.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 days

Weaver Stand Off Brackets 24 Inch

Product no.: WEAVER-SO24

Was NZ$399.99
You save NZ$44.99
In stock can ship within 2-3 days

Weaver Stand Off Brackets 30 Inch

Product no.: WEAVER-SO30

Was NZ$429.99
You save NZ$34.99
In stock can ship within 2-3 days

Marine & RV hatch Accessories

Latches, Bolts, Steps, Hooks, Handles, Door Stops, Gas Struts, Stays, Latch, Flush Latches

Hatch Accessories are of great use in Marine and RV, caravan etc. We stock a wide variety of products in our range to make sure we have an accessory for your every need.

Our Marine, RV hatch accessories are diverse and include various product types including; gas struts, hooks, steps, handles, latches, hooks, door stops, bolts, stays, and flush latches. All these product types contain huge amount of products for you to choose from.

Hatch accessories are very specific and detailed products and require exact minute specifications to be met for proper working of hatch. We stock gas struts in various sizes ranging from 255 mm to 585 mm to make sure you are supplied the exact dimensions you’re looking for.

Action outdoors considers these minute details very important and offers a variety of products varying in size, design, color etc. to make sure you find the best suited item for your search. We offer different latches to our customers for best possible utility in their use as fasteners. We Push-in door latches and flush ring-pull latches to comply with various needs and demands of yours.

Action outdoors is a one stop-shop for all your needs relating to RV and Marine accessories. You will find hatch accessories of all kinds at one place with Action outdoors.

Our accessories in this range also enables you to do multi-tasking. They save space for other tasks. RV folding step stool, we stock, provides you with a facility to support up to 136 kg of mass. It also helps save space as it can be folded or unfolded as per requirement.

Action outdoors stocks products from top-notch brands in Marine world. MaxTek branded handles in our range offer great sleek look. They are also efficient in use for your RVs, Boats etc. We don’t compromise on quality of the products we sell and offer the best price to quality ratio anywhere in NZ.

These products we stock, offer great privacy and safety onboard. Bolts, stays, hasp, staples etc. are vital to ensuring you privacy by letting or curtailing access to you and your belongings as per your wish.

We have listed below all our amazing products in this range.

You can benefit from amazing deals offer on these quality products by browsing through our web portal and placing your orders for desired hatch accessories. We will ship your favorite items to your doorsteps in three days.

• Gas Struts:

Gas struts are important components of our Marine, RV hatch accessories, we stock a wide variety of different kinds of gas struts in our range. Our range includes gas struts in different sizes and designs. We stock gas struts in tough stainless steel material. Our variety in its design and application includes gas struts with & without bracket and studs.
Sizes in this range vary from 255mm to 585 mm struts. Other sizes in our range include; 385mm, 485mm gas struts in stainless steel material with bracket and stud.
 It is important for you to choose the ideal length of gas strut as per door or hatch length, for gas strut to work ideally. It should be 60% of hatch length.
Gas struts we stock, store energy and act as damping and compressible mediums. They use Nitrogen gas, oil to offer this kind of effect.
These products work by resisting the longitudinal compression. They are vital in offering support, absorbing impact from irregularities etc. Our Gas struts operate smoothly. The design of our gas strut is made so that fluid inside moves smoothly and operation goes on smoothly.

• Latches:

Latches constitute an important part of our RV and marine hatch accessories range. These are fastenings to be used on your RV, Boat doors or elsewhere. Our wide range of products include latches in 316 stainless steel material. We also offer variety in sizes and colors of latches with white and black colored latches in 2 inches dimension.
Our range includes heavy-duty latch which is tough in working. Push-in door latch is another product in our latches range. Flush latches in our range are available with locks. Flush ring-pull latches are also available in white and black color range.

• Stays:

Stays in our hatch accessories range for your Motorhome or boats are available in a variety of products. The sizes of these products vary from 330mm to 600mm hatch stays. We stock these stays in stainless steel material, which looks pleasant to the eye and holds great strength.
Stays allow you to position your door in your desired place. It implies a stop mechanism to help make this arrangement possible.


Hooks is another key hatch accessory. Our range includes some amazing products from this product type. Our brass door hooks are available with a size range of ¼ inches and ¾ inches. This variety enables our customers to choose wisely as per their needs. Hooks serve multiple purposes on your RV or Boat.

• Handles:
Door handles for hatches are available with a great variety at Action outdoors. We stock MaxTek branded handles. Chromed Brass grab handle on our range looks pleasant to the eye and is efficient in use. Wide range of products include; lift-up handles from MaxTek, replacement handle for older hatch, lalizas hatch, flush lift handle etc.
Sizes we stock in this range include 38mm X 38mm, 40mm X 47mm sizes which are compliant with most of your RV and Marine use.
We also offer 604 stainless steel handles. Multiple colors, sizes and design enables customers to choose their desired accessory. We also stock black colored, transom step handle.

• Door Stops:

Hatch accessories range also features door stops and catchers. We offer different effective door stops to our customers with this range. These door stops are available with 316 stainless steel material which makes it immune from any breakage due to minor or mild strikes.
Door stops and catchers help you control your RV, Marine doors as per your requirements. If you want it open do not let the wind spoil the fun for you, put our stainless steel door stop there.

Steps are important utility parts of your RV or Marine equipment. We offer you RV folding step stool with our range of hatch accessories. This particular stool can be folded to reduce space when needed be. It is strongly built and can support heavy masses. You can rest as much as 136 kg on our RV, Marine folding step stool.

•  Bolts:

Action outdoors also stocks different kinds of bolts at our hatch accessories range. Bolts are important components of your Marine, RV hatch accessories as they ensure privacy & safety aboard.
Our product line stores barrel bolt which is made from high strength material. It is available for 100 mm length size. We also stock hasp, staples made from tough, resilient materials to provide privacy to you and your belongings respectively.

Flush Latches:

Action outdoors provides its customer with a variety of flush latches varying in colors, sizes, materials etc.
We also stock flush latches with locks on our range. Flush ring-pull latches in this product type are available with both; white & black colors. It is available in 2 inch size. Manufacturing material of our flush ring-pull latches is 316 stainless steel material, which is a tested material. It doesn’t break under stress.

Benefit from amazing deals, we offer on these quality products by browsing through our web portal, placing your orders for desired hatch accessories. We will ship your favorite items to your doorsteps within three days.


Marine and RV Hatch Accessories