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G70 Safety Chain Set 8mm

Product no.: 8mm-G70-SafetyCh

G70 Safety Trailer Chain Set.  Size 8mm x 2.5T MTM.  Markings and Safety Standards meet NZ LTSA

NZ$16.95 / unit(s)
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Lock - Suits TC30 Style Coupling

Product no.: TC550304

Trailer Lock - Suits TC30 Style Coupling Product Code: TC550304 Hardened Steel, suits TC30 style coupling.

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Safety Chain & Shackle Kit

Product no.: TC335108

Safety Chain & Shackle Kit Product Code: TC335108 Safety Cain & Shackle H/T 2000KG 400mm x 8mm rated chain

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NZ Trailer Coupling - 2500KG Duofit

Product no.: TC190060

Coupling - 2500KG Duofit Product Code: TC190060 These couplings can be fitted for both 1 7/8" and 50mm towballs

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Trailer Coupling - TC30 1 7/8" Ball

Product no.: TCR93965

Coupling - TC30 1 7/8" Ball Product Code: TCR93965 New Zealand's most popular trailer coupling, these are fitted

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Coupling Lock - Multi Fit Expanding Type

Product no.: TR85120

Coupling Lock Multi-Fit Expanding Type - Being Expandable, this Coupling Lock Will Suit Both 50mm and 1 7/8inch Couplings

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Hitches & Couplings for Boat and Small Car Trailers for 1-7/8" & 50mm

Also 50mm Tow Balls With locks / Chain / Straps

Trailer Hitches and couplings:

Hitches and couplings play a vital role in determining the strength of any standing structure. The Safety of the trailer is dependent on the type of coupling you use and chains, straps or locks implied. 
We stock a number of accessories in this product type. These items include 1- 7/8 inches & 50mm tow ball available with locks, chains, shackles, straps, safety chains, etc. All these items are made from high strength materials to ensure the safety of the trailer and vessel.  
These items are ideal for use with small vessel carriers. Their use is not limited to carrying less load, but they are ideally used with smaller loads, in the form of small boats, cars, etc. Safety chains in our stock have a thickness of 8mm. These are formed by using high strength material. Our range also features a shackle kit for our customers. All these varieties are to enable our customers to find a product, which matches to their demands.
Coupling variety in this range includes 2500kg to 3500kg for vessel transporters. We also host lock suits style in this range to offer you enough variety to choose from for various operations. You can avail this opportunity of benefiting from amazing deals we offer on these accessories by placing your orders now.

Trailer Hitches & Couplings