Electronic Navigation Charts

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Product no.: MSD/NAV+NZ

Navionics NAPCO29R - Navionics New Zealand Chart- Coverage - North and South islands including Chatham island - Product Code MSD/NAV+NZ

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Product no.: 000-14857-001

Simrad GO12 XSE - GO12 can now access and display data from the S5100 and SonarHub modules - 000-14857-001

Was NZ$4,399.99
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Product no.: 000-14875-001

Simrad GO9 XSE -Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer and CMAP - Easy to use multi-touch software - Product Code 000-14875-001

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Product no.: 000-14818-001

Simrad RS40-B AND GPS-500 KIT - first VHF Radio to have both an AIS Receiver and Transmitter built into it Code 000-14818-001

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Product no.: 010-C1362-40

Navionics NAPCO29R - Micro SD Platinum - Plus NZ - Multi-dimensional marine charts take the boating experience to a whole new level

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Product no.: 000-14473-001

Simrad VHF Marine Radio, DSC, AIS-RXTX - RS40-B - Stay safer on the water with this VHF marine radio.

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Navigate with confidence, with charts for both the ocean and lakes.

With advanced 3D imagery and detailed bathymetric lines, you can be assured that you know where you are going, and what is below you. 

Electronic Navigation Charts:

Electronic equipment range of ours features Electronic Navigation Charts product line to equip you with sensitive electronic equipment in the form of auto-pilots, radars, chart plotters, GPS plotters etc. All these items trace out a clear pathway in front of you, which not only helps in navigation but also enhances safety surveillance operations.

Our Electronic navigation charts and other accessories are capable of signalling the slightest of the distortions in the waters. This sensitivity enables you to react accordingly and know precisely about your current position, location. You can also decide your future position and plan by looking at our electronic charts. These charts are particularly equipped with technologically advanced imagery i.e. 3D imaging.

Our charts also possess bathymetric lines along with 3D imagery. These characteristics coupled with easy-to-use operations and accurate results, make up for a reliable source to navigate you through tough conditions with remarkable confidence.

Our navigation charts provide you with detailed information about certain key parameters including your position and desired location, which helps score maximum fish underwaters.

We also offer depth sounders under this product line, which enables our customers to know the exact location of fish by detecting the reflected sound energy waves.

We provide diverse variety in all these items to make sure that you have a product for all kinds of boats, kayaks, yachts etc. of all sizes. Benefit now from the amazing deals we offer on these products by placing your orders at Action outdoors. We will ship your desired items to your doorsteps within three days.

Electronic Navigation Charts