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Product no.: 000-11048-002

B&G ZG100 External GPS Antenna - The ZG100 Antenna with built-in rate compass provides high accuracy position at a 10Hz update rate.

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Product no.: 000-11047-002

Lowrance Point-1 External GPS Antenna - Lowrance Point-1 is the ideal position and heading device. 000-11047-002

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Product no.: 000-13609-001

NAIS-500 With GPS-500 GPS Antenna reduces your risk of collision with this fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder. 000-13609-001

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Product no.: 000-11043-002

Simrad GS25 Antenna Simrad Module Pack - NMEA 2000 antenna module offers a rugged and precise position and heading sensor.

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Product no.: 000-13612-001

Simrad AIS Splitter - Save the hassle of installing a costly second antenna & use your existing single antenna w VHF/AIS/FM. 000-13612-001

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Product no.: RVQ1160

RVQ 1160 - Maxview Roam - Mobile 3G/4G Wi-Fi System - Internet Connectivity Even in Remote Locations

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Product no.: LOWPOINT1

Lowrance Point-1 GPS Antenna - The Point-1 provides extremely accurate and rapid boat position and speed updates.

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Behind every marine electronics package, is networking.

We offer all the networking, cabling and GPS componentry to make it happen. 


Network Antenna and splitters

Network Antennas and splitters form the backbone of Marine electronics equipment, which is why we stock a wide range and diverse variety of these items in this range of ours.

Networking on your vessel requires a number of subdivided operations which are vital to your success in the operations on waters. We provide you with all the components required for an efficient operation to undertake. This equipment includes; cabling, networking and GPS components.

Accessories in this range are manufactured by renowned brands; Simrad and Lowrance, these top brands offer innovation in the designs and working of these products, which eventually result in smooth operations on waters. These products help in navigation, surveillance and safety operation aboard and are of key importance in marine electronics range.

Owing to the dependence of marine electronics systems of your boat etc. on networking we have stocked our range with branded components. This branded equipment from Simrad and Lowrance provide our customers with a wide variety of antennas and splitters to choose from.

With great external GPS Antennas, splitters etc. we make sure your living experience on waters is enhanced by the use of our products. You can benefit from the amazing deals we offer on these items by placing orders now.


Network Antenna & Splitters