Lowrance 4G Broadband Radar 32 MILE

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Lowrance 4G Broadband Radar 32 MILE

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Lowrance 4G Broadband Radar

Broadband 4G™ Radar Key Features:

  • Beam Sharpening - Broadband 4G Radar is the only dome radar in the world to employ beam sharpening, which allows you to control the level of target separation, so you can see the sharpest images possible when you need them most
  • More Range - 50-per cent more true range than Broadband 3G Radar. Now you can see crystal-clear targets up to 32 nautical miles away and inside strong storm cells more than 17 nautical miles away
  • Dual Range - Capable of displaying Dual Range radar combination when combined with an NSE or NSO system. Monitor targets from 200 feet to 32 nautical miles from a single dome
  • High-Speed Mode - Select 48 RPM for almost instant updating at less than 1 nautical mile
  • True Motion Display - Easily distinguish moving targets from land with NSS, NSE and NSO
  • Unrivalled Short-Range - Superior short-range target discrimination allows clear identification of targets near your boat
  • Automatic Clarity - Proven Harbour and Offshore auto modes offer a simple solution that requires no tuning
  • Dual Guard Zones - Protect yourself from more angles
  • Low Power Consumption - Ideal for boats of any size, sail, cruise or fish
  • Quick Installation - No reason to open the dome, no tune or zero mile adjustment and no radar-licensed technician required
  • High-Speed Mode - Select 36rpm for almost instant updating at less than 1nm
  • Crystal Clear Image - Fantastic for tight maneuvers in marinas or in conditions of limited visibility
  • MARPA Target Tracking - Track up to 10 targets (requires a heading sensor)
  • InstantOn™ - Solid-state technology produces an immediate, accurate on-screen image unlike normal warm-up times associated with magnetron pulse radars
  • Zero Radiation Hazard - Safer than any other radar currently on the market and emitting less radiation than a mobile phone enable it to be mounted anywhere
  • 0-36nm Range - 50% more range than the 3G Broadband Radar and zero main bang
  • Ethernet Connectivity - Connect to an NSS, NSE or NSO navigation system with ease
  • Interference rejection - Broadband Radar automatically tunes out interference that may come from other radars operating in the vicinity. Multiple levels of interference rejection remove all noise depending on whether you are in a busy commercial harbour, shipping lanes or just out fishing with another boat. The special IR software will remove other radar noise; yet still maintain a 
  • perfect radar picture around the boat. Simple to use and the results are impressive.
  • All weather performance - In bad weather, when visibility is low, that is when you will want to rely on your radar. In a rain shower or snow the radar signal will penetrate and show you the radar picture you expect to see. The Rain Clutter feature on the radar reduces noise on the picture associated with rain, yet still provides you with a clear picture of the radar targets around you
  • Close Range Performance - Enhance your situational awareness thanks to Broadband Radar with chart overlay. Radar Chart overlay is the perfect way to determine what are fixed targets and what could be moving targets such as ships even at night or in fog or mist, by using Broadband 3G™ Radar and Broadband 4G™ Radar it is possible to vastly improve safe navigation in restricted conditions at close range.
  • What is Broadband radar?
    The Navico Broadband Radar uses FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar technology.

    How is FMCW radar different?
    Firstly it is solid state – i.e. the transmitter is a semiconductor device, not based on magnetron technology. Secondly, it transmits a 1ms long signal of increasing frequency, rather than a short duration pulse. Thirdly, it measures the distance to a target not by timing the returned echoes, but by measuring the difference between the current transmitted frequency and echoed frequency. Hence FMCW – Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave. The building up of the image over 360 degrees and the processing of the radar data is the same as for a magnetron radar.
    How does FMCW radar work?
    FMCW = Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
    The scanner transmits a ‘rising tone’ (Tx wave) with linearly increasing frequency. The wave propagates out from the transmitter retaining the frequency it had when it was transmitted. If it refl ects off an object, it will return to the receiver, still at the frequency it had when originally transmitted. Meanwhile, the transmitter continues to output an increasing frequency.
    The difference between both the currently transmitted and received frequencies, coupled with the known rate of frequency increase, allows a time of fl ight to be calculated, from which dis-tance is calculated.
    • Additional benefits of FMCW radar are:
    • Safety
    • Low energy emissions. 1/5th of a mobile phone
    • Safe operation in anchorages and marinas
    • Instant power up. No warm up required
    • Short range performance
    • Broadband radar can see within a few meters of the boat, compared to pulse radars, which can not see closer than 30 meters
    • Higher resolution clearly separates individual vessels and objects
    • Up to five times better sea and rain clutter performance
    • Low power
    • Suitable for small boats and yachts
    • Easier installation with lighter cabling and smaller connectors
    • Great for yachts on ocean passage
    • Instant power-up
    • Conventional radars take 2-3 minutes to warm up the magnetron: Safety – 2 minutes is a long time if you are concerned about 
    • Collision.
    • Convenience – switch it on and use it.
    • Easy to use
    • No constant adjusting required to obtain optimum performance
    • No re-tuning between ranges. Means fast range change at all ranges
  • NZ Product Number: 000-10419-001
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