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Flexible Water Tank - 55L Rectangular

Product no.: 31321

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Flexible Water Tank - 100 litres Rectangular

Product no.: 31323-ASM

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Plastimo Flexible Fresh Water tank 200L

Product no.: 16657-ABM

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Single Waste Water Monitor

Product no.: RVL545

Was NZ$199.99
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In stock can ship within 3-5 Business days

Nuova Rade Flexible Water Tank for Boats

The flexible water tanks will solve the problem of storing water in your boat.

Made from non-toxic PVC, they are suitable for drinking water.

The tanks are supplied with a valve, which can be used for filling, and with two extra fittings (cut through the hole: 48mm). The cut-thru fittings are designed so you can add an outlet to the tank at the most suitable position to suit your application.

Supplied extra fittings:
1 x 12mm hose tail fitting suitable as an outlet to your water supply pump.

1 x 40mm hose tail fitting for suitable as an inlet supply filler or joining other tanks.

They are easy to store and to use. The Lalizas flexible water tanks are available in rectangular and triangular models.

Water Tanks & Strainers