Sailing Accessories

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No Wear Guard 228 x 50 mm Twin Pack

Product no.: 1008

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No Wear Guard 228 x 50 mm Four Pack

Product no.: 1009

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6mm Aluminum Carabine Hook

Product no.: MFSCAC06-A2470

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Sailing Accessories: Rope Guard Packs, Fenders , Bosuns Chairs, Dan Fenders, Fender Steps, Sail Protectors.


Sailing Accessories:

Action outdoors offers an extensive range of sailing accessories from our hardware stocks. These products particularly and sailing hardware generally ensures safety.

Wide variety is available in following products; rope guard packs, fenders, Bosun’s chairs, Dan fenders, protectors etc. Our equipment provide safety of the highest order.

An important product in this range is no-wear rope guard, which is made available in multiple packing to comply with your demands. These items are available in single, twin and four items per packs.

The sizing we offer in 50 X 228 mm which is standard. It is complacent with almost all of your requirements.

Well-being remains the utmost priority for us. We do not compromise on quality of sailing accessories in our range despite costing very small amounts.

The strength and durability of Bosun’s chairs from our stocks is unmatched and ensures well-being to the greatest extent. Similarly, sail protectors and Dan fenders also provide unwavering support without any safety risk.

You can benefit from our top-notch products and amazing deals by browsing through our web portal followed by placing order for your favorite accessories now. We will ship desired products to your door steps within three days.

Sailing Accessories