Safety Chains

Safety Chains

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19mm Hi-Load Safety Bow Shackle Green Pin


19mm Hi-Load Galvanised Safety Bow with Shackle-Green Screw Pin.  Load Limit 3.25T.  VB-GP Bow

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10mm Agri G70 Safety Chain Set 1.5m

Product no.: 10mmSafety-Chain-Set

10mm Agri G70 Safety Trailer Chain Set.  Size 10mm x 1.5m long  5.0 Ton Rating.  12.0T Breaking Load .High Quality.

NZ$74.40 / unit(s)
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8mm Agri Trailer Safety Chain

Product no.: 8mm-CHAGGT08

2.5 tonne Agricultural Trailer Safety Chain 8mm x 1.5m long

Suitable for towing trailers with laden weight up to 2.5 tonne


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8mm Trailer Safety Chain Rated

Product no.: 8mmSafetyChain

8mm Trailer Safety Chain

Suitable for use with trailers and boats, these chains are mandatory as per NZTA

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G70 Safety Chain Set 8mm

Product no.: 8mm-G70-SafetyCh

G70 Safety Trailer Chain Set.  Size 8mm x 2.5T MTM.  Markings and Safety Standards meet NZ LTSA

NZ$16.95 / unit(s)
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We have a Full range of Safety Chains

Complete with shackles which are suitable for use with agricultural and domestic trailers. 

All of our chains meet NZ standards and can be used to tow loads of up to 10000kg

Safety Chains